Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Entrance”

"Entrance" in one of the back streets of Lisbon, Portugal
"Entrance" in one of the back streets of Lisbon, Portugal

A short walk from the chic designer shops are the historic “back” streets of Lisbon. I personally find wandering round observing the architecture and appreciating everyday life far more interesting than looking at material things I can neither afford, or if I could would even want.
Is it just me or is paying thousands or even hundreds of dollars, pounds or euros for an item of clothing or trinket a pointless waste of money?

Anyway I digress, back to the photo!

I was initially attracted to the courtyard entrance by the wonderful cooking aromas. Like a fly on the wall I paused for a few moments to discreetly observe the woman prepare and cook her meal outside. Hmmm, I wonder what was on the menu? Well, whatever she was cooking, it smelt delicious!

I love Al Fresco dining do you?

Some Blogging Buddies impressions of “Entrance” – please take a peek!
(PS I will include more)
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45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

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  1. Piglet, I REALLY like this photo — the local flavor with outdoor cooking and laundry on the line, the soft ‘piglet-pink’ colors — and look at all those wires and satellite dishes!!! This is one of my favorite ‘entrance’ challenge photos.


  2. Ah, I agree, there’s not much like the enchanting aroma of tasty foodies to peak the curiosity and make you want to explore further and meet new folks. Great photo. It’s really quite expressive. 🙂


  3. Nice Photo. I feel the same towards possessions, my son says I´m becoming far too “green” trying to waste less, live with less, thinking more about the environment…. Thinking of it now, It´s been at least 8 months since I last set foot in a clothing shop, I already have enough, why buy more?


  4. I love this photo! When I travel, I like to mix with the locals and find out about everyday life. Not sure why, but I’m fascinated by laundry. Always end up with photos of it, hanging out to dry!


  5. Great framing of the courtyard by shooting through the gate. Fascinating look at life there—wires, at least three satellite dishes, something attached on the second floor that might turn into an awning? Well done!


  6. I love snapshots like this of life in the raw so to speak – the laundry hanging out to dry, the woman cooking something delicious outside, oblivious to what is going on outside the walled courtyard! It’s everyday life, and you captured it and the entrance so well.


  7. I love wondering around in new places; to see the architecture and imagine the lives of the locals… This is a beautiful shot with varying shades of pink on the walls and the entrance invites you in… 🙂


      1. France has some colorful places like the Montmartre area in Paris and other places… I would probably pick Barcelona and Firenze for more colorful homes I’ve seen… San Francisco has some gorgeous ones too.. Pity, this way of using color on buildings is anathema in NYC. Although a few pop up in Greenwich Village, it’s not the same as seeing rows of them.
        Thanks for sharing the colorful world you inhabit. I miss that! 🙂


  8. PiP, I love this pic, the contrasting and complimentary colors, the laundry drying on the line and the woman going about her daily chores. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful snapshot of life!


  9. Pretty in pink! Piglets are pink too so I can see why you were attracted to the buildings. Priceless my Portugal resident.


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