Licensed to Kill – But Kill What?

Driving down the country lane to our local town I noticed several of the road signs bore strange indentations; almost as though they’d been shot at. Surely hunters were not using road signs as target practice? I immediately dismissed the idea because one of the damaged signs was in very close proximity to a house.... Continue Reading →

Wildlife Species Legally Hunted in Portugal

Wildlife species hunted in Portugal Kindly translated by Les 1. Rabbit 2. Hare 3. Fox 4. Mongoose 5. Pheasant 6. Red leg Partridge 7. Rock Pigeon 8. Magpie 9. Blackbird (Decision to allow the hunting of Blackbirds reversed) 10. Mallard 11. Gadwall Duck 12. Wood Cock 13. Widgeon 14.Yellow Billed Teal 15. White eyed Duck... Continue Reading →

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