Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Are you going to take part in the new WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge?

Land or Sea - the water's edge forms a natural boundary
Land or Sea - the water's edge forms a natural boundary

Each week, WordPress will provide a theme for our “creative inspiration”. Simply take photographs based on your interpretation of the theme, and post them on your blog anytime before the following Friday when the next photo theme will be announced.

Ok my chance to get creative!


Hmmmm this week’s theme is “Boundaries” and I’ve been deliberating over my choice of photograph since the theme was announced. I did not want to post something obvious and my “think outside the box” attitude was stuck firmly in the box desperately struggling to break free!

I often walk along the beach when I am looking for inspiration and sure enough standing on the shore-line this morning looking out across the ocean I suddenly had an idea – the Sea is a natural boundary, Ok well loosely.

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Do you think this will count?

Has anyone else entered? You are welcome to share a link back to your photo.

Why not take part in the “Weekly Photo Voting” and cast your vote for your favourite photo http://ryanfernandes.wordpress.com/category/weekly-photo-voting/

51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

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  1. Hi Pip, Nope, I’m not going to enter the challenge. I thank you for your kind compliments and encouragement to enter. But my plate’s kind-of full right now and I can’t give the challenge the attention it needs. I think I’ll just enjoy you and the others entries. That’s fun too. You give me lots to smile about and lots to enjoy. 😉


  2. How perfect! I have to get back to thinking about a photo for this – definitely a good idea and some good thought. I really like yours – beautiful photo and right on for the theme Boundaries! Very good work!
    Debbie 🙂


  3. The pictures work for me Piglet. And I love the way you get them to rotate. How did you do that?

    You can never go wrong with beautiful pictures so post away Piglet. 😀

    – Papa Joe


  4. These are lovely photos. I miss the sea! I think you’ve nailed the challenge and topic. My thoughts immediately went toward the personal, emotional and physical boundaries one might have and others might lack, or vice versa. Sometimes I ask questions that are too invasive–out of curiosity. My writing course assignment this week might preclude joining you in this challenge, but I’m grateful you wrote about it.
    I’ll return to drooling over the sea and waves and seagulls. I have a favorite of yours–the last one in the email post. I just can’t identify it here. Good rule of thirds, great sand and rocks in the foreground, and last wave crests half way across.


  5. Hi Piglet.

    Love the one with the seagulls – should definitely qualify in that category.

    I have one photo taken of the sea at Martinhal that I once used as PC wallpaper although it’s not as good as yours, but don’t know if/how I can upload it to your blog.
    So I’ll try this link:


  6. You are absolutely right – the sea is a boundary – a natural boundary! You thought outside the square – brilliant! 🙂
    I love the photos PiP, I never get tired of looking at the ocean and feeling it’s power.


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