Seeds in the post…

Seeds from Northern Portugal
A great variety of seeds!
The internet is certainly a great place to interact and share hobbies and interests with people from all over the world. I recently started corresponding with a lovely lady in Northern Portugal and soon discovered she shared my passion for growing her own vegetables and even saved her own seeds.

She kindly sent me a whole range of different seeds (as you can see from the photograph) for me to grow in containers. Little Gem Lettuce; Petit Poi Pea; Winter Squash; Yellow Crooknock Squash
Runner beans (Teeny Beeny); Cavallo Corn (salad for containers); Sugarbabey (Watermelon);
and Italian Courgettes (Coozelle di Napoli).

So many different seeds – How kind!

I planted the following seeds today and look forward to sampling the results in 6-8weeks time!

Runner beans (Teeny Beeny)
Cavallo Corn (salad for containers)
Sugarbatey (Watermelon)
Coozelle di Napoli (Italian Courgettes)


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  1. Been reading your blog for some time. Am inspired by your growing exploits and embarking on the same attempts down the Eastern Algarve in the hills. Broad beans currently our first success!


      1. Please do! I’m always trying to learn more. The tips of the broad bean plants are delicious too – I wrote a post with a recipe for soup. Onwards and upwards with Algarve gardening!


  2. Enjoyed your blog. Just moved to portugal and hopefully will start looking to grow vegetables….. but to be honest haven’t got a clue where to start, but look forward to learning.


    1. Hi Dominick – the easiest way to grow vegetables is to go to your local market (not tourist style market) and by the vegetable ‘plugs’ (baby plants) You are then buying what is in season and will grow in your what the locals are buying.


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