Seeds in the post…

The internet is certainly a great place to interact and share hobbies and interests with people from all over the world. I recently started corresponding with a lovely lady in Northern Portugal and soon discovered she shared my passion for growing her own vegetables and even saved her own seeds. She kindly sent me a... Continue Reading →

‘Poorly’ Zucchini (Courgettes)

My courgette celebrations are short-lived.  The zucchini (courgettes) have matured but the problem of rotting and yellowing ends return. I despair!  What next?  My tale of woe is shared with my favourite gardening expert, Gene, who I just happen to meet  in a supermarket 90kms from where we both live. What a stroke of luck!.   Gene listens carefully, asks questions thinks carefully and then ... Continue Reading →


You may recall from my previous post that my baby courgettes just turned yellow, withered then died. I asked various people for advice and the common consensus was the courgettes either did not have enough nutrients from the soil, or the flowers were not being pollinated. I duly fed the plants with a tomato feed... Continue Reading →

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