‘Poorly’ Zucchini (Courgettes)

My courgette celebrations are short-lived. 

What is the cause of this problem?

The zucchini (courgettes) have matured but the problem of rotting and yellowing ends return. I despair! 

What next? 

My tale of woe is shared with my favourite gardening expert, Gene, who I just happen to meet  in a supermarket 90kms from where we both live. What a stroke of luck!.  

Gene listens carefully, asks questions thinks carefully and then  pronounces his diagnosis  – I am watering the zucchini (courgettes) too much and they need more nutrients. 

Don’t you just love people  who stand in the middle of the supermarket isle chatting, totally oblivious to the trolley jam they are causing? 

OK  guilty as charged! 

What a challenge growing vegetables is proving to be but enjoyable nonetheless. 


7 thoughts on “‘Poorly’ Zucchini (Courgettes)

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  1. Yes, it was a stroke of luck meeting up with Gene. He is the resident expert at our local gardening club.

    Half of me was tempted just to bin the lot and give up then my stubborn streak kicked in :))

    Fingers crossed and postitive thoughts.

    Do you have any good French recipes using courgettes? 🙂



  2. oh dear! What a shame, especially after you have taken so much care in growing them! I hope watering less will sort out the problem for you.

    Fancy meeting like that 90 km’s from your respective homes! I think it is fate, you are supposed to have courgettes and hopefully your meet will save them in time 🙂


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