Gone Fishing!

If anyone ever tells you fishing is easy I can assure you it’s not!

Looks easy – but trust me physical strength, perseverance and cunning are all attributes a ‘wannabe’ fisherman/woman needs to acquire. My teacher is my poor son in law (SIL for short). An unlikely combination!

My first fishing attempt was about a month ago at Monte Clerigo Beach. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the tide was just on the turn. SIL and I trudged to the waters edge armed with a variety of fishing tackle. He tried in vain to persuade me to climb up on to the rocks, apparently the best spot to catch fish, but my sense of balance stepping from one rock to the next is zero as vertigo takes over. Self preservation kicked in and I persuaded him that casting from the beach was my best option. Standard joke take mother in law fishing and then push her from the rocks. Tempting? On a serious note, several fishermen every year fall to their death and are washed away in the treacherous currents.

My first lesson underway I was instructed how to attach the prawn bait to the 3 hooks. I watched intently but the barbed hooks looked lethal. Hmmm …I decided to remain a spectator on that particular lesson a little longer. Not a good start! Won’t climb on the rocks and can’t attach the bait!

Next – casting. Looked easy, but I was unprepared by the physical effort required to actually launch the weights and bait into the sea. In fact…as I cast the line, the momentum and the unexpected weight of the rod propelled me forward and I was taken off balance. I stumbled and narrowly escaped falling face first in the sea. I was definitely not expecting it to be so awkward and me so ‘cack’ handed. The rod fell into the sea. Whoops not a good start. I was so embarrassed.

SIL retrieved the rod good-heartedly, and effortlessly cast the line with just a flick of the wrist. I was handed the rod with further instructions on how it would feel if I had a ‘bite’ and what to do next. I waited patiently staring out to sea, studying the way the sunlight danced on the water and daydreaming of ‘Fish BBQ’ that evening for supper. OK, so I am the eternal optimist!

Needless to say, I caught nothing, but it was enjoyable nonetheless and I look forward to my next fishing experience. There was such a feeling of peace – I was hooked.

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  1. Perseverance is a virtue necessary when fishing, I’m sure you’ll succeed eventually!

    The image of falling flat on your face into the sea had me in hysterics… 🙂

    Lovely photo BTW


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