Is a Census worth the effort?

How do you feel about answering census questions; do you feel it is a useful exercise, a waste of money or a further intrusion into our privacy? Last Sunday the woman from our local Camara (council) delivered our form and a slip of paper with our pin number for the 2011 Portugal Census on the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring in Portugal

Are you taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge? This week's theme is "Spring" When I lived in the UK, the arrival of spring was heralded with wonderful displays of golden daffodils. In Portugal we have so many beautiful flowers throughout the year that when I think of spring; insects not flowers come to mind. Even... Continue Reading →

“Organize” a “Queue” you’re having a laugh!

I don’t mind queueing, honestly, providing there are clear rules as to "who" goes in "what" order. Your expectations are then managed accordingly, as you stand and wait. Of course, someone will inevitably try to queue-jump. This is usually a little old Portuguese lady knee-high to a grasshopper, who with head down elbows her way... Continue Reading →

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