Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

Are you taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge? This week’s theme is Curiosity.

Something a little different!
Something a little different!

My favorite area of Lisbon is not the trendy modern development by the waterfront which houses designer shops and stylish restaurants, but the Alfama quarter with its outstanding views and medieval alleyways.

On our last trip to Lisbon we wandered the steep narrow streets of Alfama for hours; soaking in the atmosphere. I attempted to capture its ambience and charm, but photographs can never quite “capture” the soul of Alfama. It was while we were gaily “snapping” away that we spotted this little house with a leg attached to the front wall and a head displayed in the window. Our curiosity aroused we stopped in our tracks to take stock of our surroundings.

What did these items represent?
Were they symbolic?
Was it a hosiery shop?
What about a hairdresser?
Could it be a bordello?

The mind boggles!

Maybe it’s a hoax and we are on camera ourselves as the occupants gauge people’s bemused reaction!

I am curious, what do you think they symbolise if anything?

The old quarter of Lisbon
The old quarter of Lisbon

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53 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

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  1. Your pictures of Lisbon are just beautiful! So lucky to live in such a historical city! And you have to see “A Christmas Story”! The best Christmas movie ever.


    1. Hi got2havefaith
      No, I don’t really live in Lisbon I am a country girl. When I lay my head down at night I want peace….when I want noise I go look for it 🙂 I love to visit Lisbon and wander the streets it’s such a contrast to where we live.


  2. Pip,
    Have I told you how much I love your pics. Not sure what’s the true meaning behind that unique window display. But I do know it leaves a lasting impression. I like it! 🙂


  3. Hi Piglet
    Yes Alfama district in Lisbon is a fascinating place and well worth a visit. It comes to life in late afternoon/early evening when locals emerge . Cellar like taverns and a maze of winding alleys/panoramic views from terraces.
    On sort of hol. in Algarve but come every month and coming for 15 years so your blogs are great. Thank you . Yes when it rains it really rains – last nights storm was something else!!
    Will send some recipes and stories to your email address.


  4. Hi Knight,
    You have to look on the funny side of life especially when you live in Portugal; I try and express this through my blog 8)
    If you have a funny story to tell and would like to share it as a post on my blog please send to me by email pigletinportugal (at) gmail (.com)
    Sorry it’s written in code 🙂 please just take out the spaces and brackets

    Have you been to the Alfama district Lisbon? What are your impressions?

    The weather is certainly scary as I write this. The West Coast is on Red
    Alert http://www.meteo.pt/pt/ and the winds are gusting to the point where I wonder if we will have a roof left.!!The lightning is interesting to say the least, and the rain is torrential. Have you noticed it doesn’t just rain in Portugal it comes out of the sky by the bucket load!
    It’s a shame the weather is so awful for you especially if you are on holiday 😦
    All the best
    Piglet 🙂


  5. What an unusual and fun photo. It made me chuckle and it is what makes your site fun.
    I am glad to have found your site. In Lagos at the moment and the weather is awful so I needed something to cheer me up.


  6. The leg makes me think of the movie, “A Christmas Story” when the father orders a leg lamp. The leg looks just like that but the topper is a lamp shade. It’s all the rage and he places it in his front window with such pride. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this unique photo.


  7. Oh my goodness, that is a riot! I love the hanging leg plus you just reminded me of some photos I took in Stockholm… I;ll go look at them to see if I can find something for this week’s photo challenge. 🙂


  8. I love the photos, the wacky art (or whatever) outside and inside the window. I’m not inclined to speculate about symbolism or meaning here. What a service–just to put a smile on people’s faces. Thanks for this.


  9. A perfect choice of photo. It has got us all curious as to what the items might mean (if anything) and it gave us all a good laugh in the process!
    The head in the window got me when I realized it was there!


  10. I don´t want to to know the why and the meaning of this, is such a, well is so odd. But, love the older quarter of Lisbon photo, the place is very, of course, like old cities in Brazil.


  11. Gosh, that’s such a curious & comical display. I enjoyed your thoughts about it, and like you, I wonder what the original meaning or intent behind it is. It’s most amusing and so funny to see. Thanks so much for sharing this photo it gave me a fun giggle this morning. lol 🙂


    1. Hi EC
      Not a clue what they were trying to convey but it did make us “curious” and laugh 🙂
      Perhaps they should be awarded the WordPress bloggers leg of the year award!
      Yeah right – dont pull the other leg it’s got bells on

      Boom Boom!


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