Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

When I saw the theme for this week’s photo challenge I groaned. Usually inspiration is never far away but on this occasion maybe because my head is “muzzy” with the flu virus – my creative juices were just not flowing. It was while I was sitting in the sun pondering “refuge” and then thinking I really should put some sun protection on or at least sit in the shade under a parasol that I felt inspired to post these pictures of “refuge”.

Refuge from the sun.

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My friends think I’m a little neurotic because I always prefer to sit in the shade and take refuge from the sun under a parasol. I wear a sun hat and sunglasses and always use sunscreen – at least Factor 30.

My picture of the pink piglet is a true reflection of myself, round, pink and with blue eyes! Neurotic I may be, but the UV index is really high here in Portugal; it’s frightening to see the pale skinned tourists sitting in the full midday sun “catching” the rays until their skin turns lobster red. Their excuse “I am only here for a week and I’ve got to go back to work with a tan” “Tan” I think to myself “You’ll be lucky if you have any skin left!”

The French don’t nickname the Brits “Roast Beef” for nothing!

Are you a sun-worshipper or like me do you prefer to stay out of the sun?

Are you taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge? Please let me know and I will share your link.

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57 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

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  1. You got so many refuges by the way… 🙂
    I think the picture you titled “The view from under my parasol” is the best somehow. I just like the black – white stripes at the upper part and the rocks at the bottom.
    I also prefer to stay out of the sun, cuz I think my skin absorbs more heat tha yours…. I just can’t stand it.

    Anyway. be glad with your Factor 30 :mrgreen:


  2. Hey, great photos out there… Btw, thanks for subscribe to my bog… 🙂
    About your question, I’m with you. I prefer to stay away from sunlight by finding a refuge such as under palm tree if I’m outing to the beach like you did… The umbrella is okay,though. I’m afraid to get “Tan”, even though my original skin is not white, but it took times until my skin color back to normal.

    oh yeah, you’ve seen that, my photo challenge response could be find here : http://boisterousgirl.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/weekly-photo-challenge-refuge/


  3. Hi Piglet, I don´t know if you already knew it, but the Portuguese also nick name the British as Beefs (Bifes) and some times “Bife Grelhado”. So you better keep on your sunscreen:)


  4. I’m with you Piglet! When I was younger I’d be out in the sun every day. Not now that I’m older and wiser! 😉

    Thanks for some great pictures. 🙂

    – Papa Joe


    1. Hi Papa Joe,
      Wisdom often comes with age! How different our lives would be if we had the benefit of hindsight and could turn back the clock :)…what would you change?
      I certainly would not have eaten as many buns and then I would still be a bikini babe 8) LOL 🙂


  5. I’m a lucky one when it comes to the sun. Although I don’t sit out like I used to, but I rarely burn. Protected by layers upon layers of lotion, I generally tan nicely. Of course loving to swim puts me right out there in the sun all summer long.
    Nice photos.


  6. Wow, I believe you captured the theme very nicely with your beautiful umbrellas! I feel all alone here as I comment on your final question…I love the sun! I love to be in it and summer is my favorite season. I feel as though I look healthier with a bit of a tan. I am half Cherokee Indian though and my skin never burns. Well, OK, if I’m out way too long without sunscreen, I’ll get a little pink here and there but for the most part just a darker brown. I suppose I should heed the warnings but for now, I love being tan when I can.

    Please get yourself well! Drink lots and lots of fluids!


    1. Hi,
      You are so lucky to have skin which does not burn! Our Portuguese builder is the same! We joke with him because he is proud of the fact his skin is as tough as old boots! Bet you are not a victim of mosquitos either!


      1. Well, I’m happy to say that my skin is not “tough as old boots” but maybe I’m just not old enough yet. LOL! If it starts feeling that way, I will certainly invest in a high powered sunscreen (not wallpaper paste but something effective) and a Parasol!! :o)


  7. Beautiful, bright photos PiP! Makes me want to visit that beach. I’m like you. I avoid the sun. Umbrellas, hats, long sleeves & pants (cool ones), and SPF 50 or 70! I am pretty pale for someone who spends a lot of time on the beach!


  8. Hi Piglet in P
    you are right. the faces and names mean nothing. I am now even more confused. yes, i could be anyone. this all seemed so innocent. now i don’t know what to think.
    and i have no idea where your comment to me was put. i am losing the threads of this stuff. it’s far more confusing that i ever thought it was.


    1. Hi Jenny and welcome 🙂 Don’t worry re confusion it’s too much sun or old age! Welcome to my world 🙂 … they broke the mold when they made me – you won’t find an “imposter” here!
      Kind regards
      PiP 🙂


  9. As usual, your photos and comments are wonderful. Your creativity abounds, Miss Piglet. I love the parasols and umbrellas not just as a visual theme but as a refuge theme, and I totally relate to that. I am a sun lover in that I prefer sun to the dreary winter weather we’ve been having here. But, fair-skinned and with one cancerous growth removed from my face several years ago, I am verrrrry cautious about sun exposure. You’re wise, in my book!


  10. love the bright umbrellas! i need one for my backyard! even though i KNOW better than to tan, i still find my old flabby skin looks a little better brown that fishbelly white. what things we do to ourselves for vanity!

    my pic for refuge is on my blog!!


    1. Hi,
      ” i still find my old flabby skin looks a little better brown that fishbelly white. what things we do to ourselves for vanity!” LOL 🙂

      I’ve added a link to your blog above. Great picture BTW!!!
      Lucky you stopped by – I had subcribed to your blog but was not receiving any notifications. Just subscribed again 🙂


  11. I’m a shade seeker, keep out of the sun as much as I can as I have had some sun spots removed from my face, and am well aware of the damage the UV rays can do to our skin.
    I love your shots of the umbrellas for refuge – just perfect for the challenge – your inspiration didnt desert you after all!


    1. Hi barb,
      I did think my inspiration was going to desert me as I went out originally to photograph the vast numbers of insects that take refuge in my flower pots or compost bags…and guess what they were all feeling shy!


  12. Great pictures, says I looking out into the dull grey yonder and counting raindrops trickling down the window pane and sighing. These things called heat and sun, can you describe them to me? Er, I’m not sure those parasol thingys would keep the rain out much though. Can I come to live in your country? Lol. M


    1. Hi Wordangell,
      The pics were taken last summer! We have our fair share of rain here…last winter it rained for 3 months solid! Temps today about 17C sunnyish and dry.
      Just right for an afternoon cuppa in the sun!


    1. “Wings” I love it…we call these “Bingo Wings” The cellulite looks better a “little” tanned otherwise I have a tendency to look like plucked Turkey 😳 as for wrinkles I have pickled my skin in oil 🙂


  13. Great photos and once again they fit the theme perfectly! In my younger days I would sit and “tan” but as I have grown older and wiser, I find refuge out of the sun! Thanks for linking my Refuge post – you always have such good ideas. Munchie Monday is today – should have it up shortly.
    Enjoy today,
    Debbie 🙂


    1. Hi Debbie,
      I think when we were younger most of us had a tendency to bake in the sun. There was not the constant barage of health warnings around then. Loved the recipe on Munchie Monday, going to give it a try… 🙂


  14. I have been a bit of a sun worshipper when I was younger, but have since learned the importance of sun-screen, especially now living in southern California, I burn all the time. I am doing the weekly photo challenge and will have my pictures up tomorrow. I still can’t figure out how to do the slideshow 😦 but yours turned out great!


  15. Hi Pip, You always have such great photos and the colours are so vibrant.

    I’ve been a sun-worshipper all my life but I also know when I’ve had enough and get into the shade.

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂


    1. Hi Rose,
      As we get older we have to look after our skin 🙂 In the summer the UV index here can be as high as “10” between the hours of 11 and 16.00 It’s so dangerous 😦
      Re the mention- we have to spread the word and encourage others to take part! Besides I loved your puddy cat picture 🙂


  16. Great shots! That “refuge” is clever!
    No, I’m a fading redhead with bluish eyes, too. I used to love the sun and swimming and life-guarding. And now, of course, I’ve had melanoma and other carcinomas removed—successfully.
    I’ve been very lucky. I admire you for taking precautions.


    1. Hi Jan,
      It’s amazing where our inspiration comes from! I loved your shot of the daffodil it was so clever!
      Melanoma and other carcinomas makes you stop and think – with fair skin we have to be so careful.


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