SoS: Gardening Job List and a Wonderful Surprise

Thanks to time out due to replacement knee surgery this is my first Six on Saturday post for several weeks. My ‘Gnome’, aka OH, has made an excellent job keeping most things alive during my stay in hospital and subsequent recovery. Unfortunately, for Gnome, I now have a long job list to see us through the winter and given that he is still head cook, bottlewasher, shopper, carer etc., I want to employ some extra muscle to move rocks, pots and repot plants, etc. while I wave my pointy stick from a director’s chair.

I am pleased to say I am now walking with the aid of only one crutch so my trips around the garden are more adventurous. Armed with my mobile phone I thought I’d attempt to take some photos and join the SoS gardeners once again. But life is not that simple. Oh no, I log onto my WordPress account only to find that the simple act of creating a new blog post has turned into a challenge as I fight with the new WP block editor which they sneakily installed in my absence.

 1. A Wonderful Surprise

We recently met up with some friends for a socially-distanced drink in their garden and as I admired all their new plants I fell in love with this one.

‘Wow, that’s pretty’, I said.

‘I am pleased you like it, we bought it for you.’

I love it, thank you.

I am trying to identify it so I hope one of my garden bloggers can help? PInk daisies

2. Revamping the Front Flower Bed

A few months ago the roots growing from some of the larger plants in this bed found their way into the drain causing a blockage. Sadly, I took the executive decision to remove all the plants and set the Gnome to work. A debate re the gazanias ensued and Gnome won the day … My idea: remove ALL the plants, gravel the area and buy a feature plant and pot. We compromised, as you do in the spirit of world peace, and returned from hospital to be greeted with…

Revamping the front flower bed
Revamping the front flower bed

This is going to be a lot of work so I will hire some extra muscle for the task.

3. Succulent Garden Urgently Needs Attention

I planted this succulent display a few years ago but now it is long passed its sell-by date. All the plants urgently need some TLC, potting on into individual pots and the display replanted. I feel a trip to the garden centre is in order.

Succulents growing in pot Succulents growing in pot

Poor plants in need of TLC

4. Hedge – Time to Bite the Bullet

After ten years it is time to concede defeat and replace these scrawny specimens with lantana. They need digging up and good quality compost added to the soil to give the lantanas a good start.


Lantana grows really well here so fingers crossed.

I spotted these on a recent trip to a garden center and at €2.50 a bargain! They are only babies so I will repot for now as they are potbound. I LOVE the colours.


5. Repot Hibiscus

After less than a year this hibiscus is about the same height as me and needs a deeper pot. I would normally prune hibiscus back when they become too leggy but I rather like it as is. IT is also a different variety and if I cut it right back will it produce side shoots or will I just be left with four stumps? Ponderous

yellow hibiscus

6. Repot Queen of the Night

This poor plant is dying and desperately needs repotting. Unfortunately, the concrete pot is not only extremely heavy to maneuver but I will damage the plant as I try and release it. I’m not sure if I should cut it right back and attempt to take cuttings or transplant whole in the hope it will be reborn once planted in a bigger pot with new soil.

Queen of the night

That’s it for this Six on Saturday. Good to be back.



23 thoughts on “SoS: Gardening Job List and a Wonderful Surprise

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  1. It is good to see that you are back in action again. Take it easy and hopefully you will have a speedy recovery! You have quite a few projects planned!, which will keep you busy! What a lovely colour your Chrysanthemum is! A wonderful gift indeed!


  2. So glad you are up and about, but do take it easy and keep pointing that director’s stick! About your hedge, I think it’s always freeing to give up on plants that have disappointed for too long.


  3. I’m surprised you’re repotting plants right now, I tend to do this in the spring, but given the Mediterranean climate and the mild weather you have all year round, I admit that it ‘s possible.
    The mysterious plant is either a chrysanthemum or a China aster ( callistephus )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try not to disturb the roots and we still have a couple of months of warm weather and most importantly we should be getting some rain soon. It doesn’t get really cold here. The worse thing I can do is pot on plants in the summer when they will dry out quickly. IT’s very much trial and error.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes,it is a chrysanthemum, or mum.
    The succulents may be salvaged by breaking off the tops, grooming them, and plugging them as cuttings. The old parts can be put aside, just in case they try to regenerate. (It is like cutting them back.) With all those cuttings, there is no need for new plants.

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      1. Normally, taking cuttings from Queen of the night is as simple as taking cuttings from any other succulent. However, such distressed cuttings would be more likely to rot before they develop roots. Cuttings must be vascularly active.

        Liked by 1 person

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