Garden Diary: January – Weeds, Seeds and My Garden Gnome

My garden Gnome worked his magic in the garden this week while I’ve been busy plotting, planning and repotting. I seek sanctuary and some degree of sanity from my garden endeavours as the craziness of Brexit comes to pass and Britain embraces the next phase of its history.

1. Raised Vegetable Bed

My garden gnome kindly weeded the raised garden bed and dug in all the compost. What a lovely surprise! Reposition the watering system and it is ready to be populated with new plants.

We will pick one more feed of sprouts this week and then the scrawny looking plants will be rehomed in the compost heap.

Raised Vegetable Bed
Raised Vegetable Bed Jan 2020

2. Carrots

I love eating raw baby carrots so as they cost €2.75 per kilo at our local market I thought I’d attempt to grow my own.

Growing Carrots From Seed
Growing Carrots From Seed

Once I’d planted the seeds I covered with a plastic crate to discourage our resident blackbird from helping himself to the seeds.

Plastic crates deter the birds
Plastic crates deter the birds

3. Radish

Time to plant the radish. I now plant these in pots as they seem to crop better than when I’ve planted in the open bed.

Growing radish from seed - Jan 2020
Growing radish from seed – Jan 2020

I only plant up half the pot so I stagger the crop.

Radishes grow well in pots
Radishes grow well in pots

To discourage the blackbird and speed up germination I have added a plastic cloche (aka a recycled fridge draw)

4. Vriesea: bromeliaceae

Its Latin name escapes me at the moment – any suggestions? I used to grow these as houseplants in the UK but they never flowered. The snails love this plant. They don’t eat it just take refuge with its trumpet-like receptacles.

trumpet plant
vriesea: bromeliaceae

5. Peach Tree

We’ve never pruned the peach tree and so its become rather misshapen so after consulting YouTube we decided to live dangerously …


Peach Tree
Peach Tree


peach tree Jan 2020
peach tree Jan 2020

Hopefully, it will survive. Eeeek!

6. Cuckoo in the Bed

I’ve tried numerous time to remove this weed from my succulent and cacti bed. I was going to try again and then I stopped to look at the beautiful flower.

Cuckoo in my succulent bed
Cuckoo in my succulent bed

I don’t have the heart to dig her up. A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place.

mauve thistle flower
mauve thistle flower

That’s my Six for this Saturday. Why not click over to the propagator’s blog for more Six on Saturday gardens while I nurse a cold aka Man Flu.


12 thoughts on “Garden Diary: January – Weeds, Seeds and My Garden Gnome

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  1. I haven’t seen you for ages! Have I been missing or was it you? Please send the garden gnome to my house, I will look after him very well, I promise. I’m not keen on carrots unless they are raw, great idea to grow them yourself. Love the snail hotel, I’m afraid I don’t know what its real names is, looks very exotic though!

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  2. The soil is still a bit cold to plant radishes right now here. But it will be the first sowing that I will do. Carrots will wait for April.
    Plant # 4 is a vriesea: bromeliaceae.( I think)
    I hope that your peach tree will survive … You risk not having the fruits this summer because it’s advisable to prune it in late summer or early autumn. It may be a little late…. keep us updated

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    1. Thanks, Fred. I’ve now updated the ‘trumpet flower’ to read vriesea: bromeliaceae

      We took a chance on the peach tree. the gnome and I both agreed we would take a chance on the tree’s survival. 😦 the peaches were tasteless and really only suitable for jam.

      Liked by 1 person

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