I Want One!


Beaucarnea or Pony Tail palm
Beaucarnea or Pony Tail palm

Well, not quite this big!

Photograph taken during a recent visit to Quinta da Ataboeira garden centre in Guia. Considering the Pony Tail palm is slow growing, I wonder how old these specimens are?


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  1. Me too! Me too! I’d love one of these palms in my garden. They are beautiful. I’ve never seen them anywhere. It is amazing they survive in these small plastic containers. Here in the south of France you can buy other types of trees sitting/growing in these tiny containers. Amazing.


      1. Yes, like yuccas and agaves, although they are not as obvious about it. Are they considered to be succulents? When I grew yuccas (in my home garden) I remember that most whoe know them consider them to be succulents. I don’t get that. To me, they are nothing like succulents.


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