Ugly Duckling to Swan

As the autumn evenings draw in, my thoughts turn to log fires and battening down the hatches in readiness for the long winter nights ahead.

Summer clothes are now packed away and replaced by winter woolies, thermal PJs and of course my faithful ‘onesie’  which was a present from a friend.

Not the most flattering photo, I know*  I have now renewed my  subscription to Slimming  World online so I WILL emerge from winter as the swan, and not the ugly duckling.

*Incidentally, that’s not all me in there. There are also several layers of jumpers.

If anyone is interested, I’ve now created a closed facebook group – Piglet’s Porkers (sorry my humour is a little ‘off the wall’ at times) where wannabe swans can have fun, commiserate, offer support, share recipes and useful articles etc.


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