Unwelcome Visitors in My Garden

Yesterday, I was pegging out the washing when I heard a persistent clicking noise coming from the general direction of my vegetable area.
Tick…tick tick… tick… tick tick… tick..
(You get my drift)
The ticking, sounded almost like Morse code. Intrigued and thinking it could be a bird in distress, I went to investigate. The culprits were a baby bird, perched near my fruit bushes, and its mother no doubt shouting directions. Thinking, aw how sweet, I returned to my washing.

Baby Stonechat

It was not melodious bird song it was annoying – just like a dripping tap. The irritating ‘tick tick’ continued but as there were no cats in the vicinity I ignored it as I pottered round the garden weeding and pruning. I don’t know what made me return to my vegetable area but I’m glad I did. Father bird had joined the party and the noise intensified as they helped themselves to my raspberries, strawberries and peaches. I tried to shoo the birds away but they were having none of it. They flew just out of reach, taunting me. I threw some stones at them… yes I know, don’t say a word. Anyone within earshot must have thought I was crazy as I admonished the tiny birds for stealing my fruit. I don’t mind sharing my harvest with our resident blackbird family, but not with these greedy little imposters.

Eventually they took the hint and flew over to my neighbour’s garden.

I found the nets and covered the fruit bushes.

I covered my raspberries and tayberries with nets
I covered my raspberries and tayberries with nets

I completely forgot about the birds until I went to pick some lettuce for my lunch when I discovered mother and baby happily pecking the new shoots from the Groselha bush which I’d been nurturing for a couple of years. I shooed the birds away but father bird was having none of it. He darted about my vegetable patch as if mocking my attempts to dissuade them from their quest. Mother and baby hopped nonchalantly on to my strawberry pots and looked at me with disdain. Mocking me. Taunting me. No matter what I did they refused to fly away. With the exception of wasps and mosquitoes, I’d never known such tenacious and cheeky little critters.

The red mist came down and I grabbed the hose. Have you ever chased birds round the garden with a jet of water while wailing like a demented Banshee? No, neither had I until yesterday. When the red mist cleared I can only say I’m glad our neighbours were away on holiday!

Father bird looked a little less smug as he observed me from the safety of the yucca plant.

Male Stonechat in Portugal
Male Stonechat in Portugal

You’re right Marmy it was a stonechat and not a bullfinch!

23 thoughts on “Unwelcome Visitors in My Garden

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  1. well done for chasing away the greedy divils. I am sure they are getting the message out not to bother with your garden – “great food, but beware, crazy lady with hosepipe”


  2. That must have been a funny sight Carole! I get some persistent birds that pick on my loquots and they aren’t scared of people either! They pick on the fruit at the top that we can’t reach anyway, so nothing we can do, although they do leave a mess on the floor!


  3. Hey Pip, what an annoying flock of characters you have there. That’s so disheartening to watch all your hard work be lost like that.
    I have a couple of suggestions that may or may not help keep the birds away (maybe)
    Pinwheels might help. They’re a pretty good deterrent in my area. If you can’t find any to buy, You could make a few. You can search ‘Pinwheels’ in google or whatever your favorite search engine is. There’s quite a few print-offs and directions on how to make pinwheels.
    Toy Rubber snakes placed around your yard/garden might be a helpful deterrent for the birds. Just remember where you put them, I use this and every now and then I get quite a scare from seeing them. lol
    At the moment that’s the only 2 suggestions I have. I’ve used them both and they worked quite well.
    I hope you get control of the bird situation soon. Take care. 🙂


  4. One definitely should not laugh at this tale . . . but it is kind’of hard not to 🙂 ! Been there, done that!! With me it is the mynahs: and they get angry and try to peck your eyes out!!!!!!


  5. Haha, your account gave me a good laugh, especially when I envisioned you brandishing the hose over the birds! Anyway, it seemed to to the trick (for the time being); they will no doubt be back trying their luck when you are inside!


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