Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

In January I started my diet (RUDE word, but needs must).
My goal: lose 42lb in 21 weeks.
Achievable? Climbing Everest is achievable!

My personal trainer convinced me it was possible “Anything is possible if we put our minds to it.” That’s diet of course, not climbing Everest, which of course would not. She’s obviously a good saleslady, because like a lamb to the slaughter, I agreed. Doh Dumb blond, syndrome…

Piglet in the pink
Piglet in the pink

I did have a plan..sort of…

#Exercise every day!

I already walked twice a week with friends as a form of exercise, however, it’s a combination of walking and exercising our jaws – talking. Or as our husbands have aptly renamed it “Twalking”, or in my case “Twaddling”.

Ha Ha…this Twaddling has proved very hit and miss because I won’t walk alone because of the wild dogs, and fellow Twalkers overslept or can’t be assed, so more often than not, there is no exercise for Piglet.

Mr Piglet has kindly dusted off my exercise bike and moved it from the garage into the house.

The mind was willing but the body was having none of it! Wow did it make my hips ache; I could not walk for a week. No I don’t have replacement hips, but would have needed them if I’d continued pedaling that bike. I used it twice then sold it.

I opted for a Zumba class instead, and love it. In fact, I enjoy it so much I’d like to attend twice a week. Unfortunately, it’s a 45 minute drive away. *Sigh* my time may be free but diesel is expensive.

I also go to Pilates once a week for toning and stretching. Yep, this is excellent as I can now touch my toes and look at the world behind me, stand on one leg like a flamingo and twizzle my head like Worzle Gummage.

Hmmm… what else…oh yes, I bought a balance board for my Wii, so now I wii myself fit (that’s wii, not wish). Well I started off with good intentions. I need to get back on the wagon.

#Change my eating habits – Oh food glorious food – and oh yes, drink less wine

Drinking less wine was a bit of a non-starter–lasted maybe three days. And as for food, I’ve decided I don’t eat because I’m hungry. I eat because Mr.Piglet insists on his meat and two veg. Unfortunately, my stomach does not send signals to the brain to let it know when it’s full. Eventually food squirts out of my ears.

#No Bread, cakes, pastries, chocolate or potatoes (except sweet potatoes)
#Restrict intake of red meat to preferably once a week.
#No Dairy products such as cows milk, cheese or butter.

Least said about bread, cakes, pastries, chocolate or potatoes the better. I have a sweet tooth that needs feeding!

#Portion control – stop being a pig and eat less.

I need to serve my meals on a saucer!

Did I lose weight?

Yes, I’m pleased to say that so far I’ve lost 6kg which is 12.2lb.

Have I starved myself? No
Have I eaten more healthily(apart from wine and cake)? Yes
Have I eaten cake? Yes
Have I drank wine? Yes
Have I exercised? Yes

So my best advice is “Move more”

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  1. These twice baked potatoes are great to keep in the freezer for busy days or unexpected company! When baking potatoes are on special, I buy a 10-15 pound bag and make about 30-35 of these creamy, delicious potatoes for the freezer. A wonderful side dish with steaks, roasts, seafood, pork and meatloaf. For variety, sprinkle top of potatoes with real bacon pieces just before serving. To have a meatless lunch, I often heat one of these potatoes in the microwave or toaster oven.


  2. Yay Pip! Keep up the good work. I’ve been able to lose 30 pounds by changing my eating habits. Now, I really need to add more exercise to lose more. Thanks for the reminder!


  3. I would love to try Zumba but I am so uncoordinated. I got sent to the back of a step class (remember them?) as I kept moving the opposite way and was putting off the people so much behind me that they complained! The shame of it! I never went again.


  4. Great result Piglet.
    I started about 2yrs ago and I am almost back to my preferred weight, now I really miss the exercise if for some reason I can’t do it. I swim on one day and lift weights one day each week and fill in with walking and gardening. I started by measuring portion sizes of food until I got used to eating less and now I don’r worry.
    The bonus is lower cholesterol and no problems with blood sugar. Little things that become important once you hit the big birthdays.


  5. Keep it up Piglet, you are way ahead of me already, I just don’t seem to have the motivation needed to stick to a diet or exercise plan at the moment.


  6. Great job, PiP…I think you are doing so well. It is not easy to change habits…but it sounds like you are making new good ones.:) My husband lost 100 pounds over 30 years ago…by watching portions (he ate everything he liked…just less of it) and walking. And 20 years ago, when my daughter was 10, she felt she was ‘chubby’ and wanted to lose some weight. I got a GREAT book out of the library…the STOP LIGHT DIET for CHILDREN. Foods were put in 3 categories…red (candy, cake, soda, etc), yellow (meat, dairy, chicken, fish, bread and cereals, etc.) and green (some fruits and many veggies). You could only have 4 red foods a week…and as much of the green as you wanted…the yellow you had to keep track of amounts. she signed a contract and at the end of each week, there was a prize (trip to a museum, new dress, etc.). I did the ‘diet’ with her…she lost 5 pounds over the summer and I lost 10, 🙂
    Keep it up…and enjoy all of your amazing garden bounty. If you have the time, stop over at my blog…children’s author Susanna Hill is having one of her famous holiday writing contests.


  7. Well done Carole. I have also been doing Pilates twice a week and am enjoying it. I think I would enjoy Zumba too, but I hate going anywhere on my own…need to find an exercise partner!


    1. I enjoy the Pilates like one enjoys going to the dentist, but I know it keeps me supple! I go to my Zumba alone. It’s less hassle than trying to arrange lifts and people letting me down. I’m the only English person in the class. Everyone else is Dutch or German and they are friendly and make me feel welcome.


  8. Exercise regularly and at the right intensity and once you are fit and the excess has gone you can pretty much eat what you like.
    It’s when you stop that the pounds sneak up on you….quickly; the naughty little buggers!
    Run Forest(Piglet) Run!!!” 😉
    Best of luck.


  9. Woot! Good for you PiP! Having personally tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World, and failed, I’ve found that sensible eating and being more active is the way to go!

    Did you know you can get a Zumba workout for your Wii? We’ve got one although I don’t have much natural rhythm so I tend to stick to the Wii Fit stuff instead. Congrats on the weight loss, always makes you smile when you can shed some excess but still have cake!


    1. Hi Dave,

      Yeah I would have lost 12kg if I’d have resisted cake. But I’m happy. You’ve lost a tremedous amount of weight, so good on yer! I’ve tried the zumba on the wii. It’s fun. But I like the social side and going to a class for a good old natter


  10. I think you’re doing great (and I love that sculpture!). Just be happy, a little of everything in moderation and I am convinced that it’s ony the wine that keeps you sane on a diet. And it’s fat free!


    1. Hi Chica, I forgot wine is fat free and I’m on(well meant to be on) a fat free diet!

      We went to a wine-tasting event at a local vineyard. They had several of these sculptures for sale


  11. You are doing better than me and we have the same end target [in pounds and . . .!]. I don’t believe in the word ‘diet’ but . . . wine: nah, would not want to try recipes if there was no glass of vino at the end; cakes etc: have never wanted any. portion control: my big downfall after one glass or three if the recipe has worked; exercise – I AM trying . . . keep it up, I’ll be too ashamed not to follow you . . . . 😀 !


  12. Well done! Your post made me smile as I read through it because it reminded me of my try-hard diet! Keep up the good work . . . but remember, that a glass of red is good for you (can’t give it up altogether)!


  13. Impressive. Do you have a dog? If you did you could walk it every day and that would help. Or even a tortoise? I think exercise helps more than food intake. Best bet is to take up scuba diving where you lose a massive 3000 calories an hour just breathing compressed air.


    1. Do I have a dog? Behave Linds, I’m terrified of them! I can’t stand the way they stiff each others bottoms and then lick peoples faces!! I’d love to try scuba diving, but doubt I will get the opportunity now. I swim most days (I forgot to say)


  14. Well done! I know how hard it is to resist wine although I managed to lose 6kg by restricting my wine intake to social occasions on chocolate to 2 chunks a night. I also stopped buying (and scoffing) the enormous bags of salt and vinegar crisps you get here.

    Sadly, my resolve has weakened and the wine, chocolate and weight have gone back up. Must try harder with that as it’s now too hot to do long walks.


    1. There are so many temptations 😦 I usually get up early to exercise. Now started walking at 8am.
      I know what you mean about the crisps! I had a bad couple of months in UK and France and the diet wnet out of the window. Luckku«ily I only pub on 2k which I quickly lost.


  15. Bravo! You’re doing well. I think you would enjoy Weight Watchers. It really does show you how to eat well and portion control and not feel deprived. How about swimming. That’s my go to sport and I do it 3-4 times a week. Love it! I also loved zumba and did it twice a week last year. Unfortunately I had to stop because I tore my Achilles tendon in my right leg last August and I’m still doing physical therapy visits and can’t run yet. So swimming and biking are my sports. Haven’t been watching the food enough but am getting on to it better now that it’s July. What about swimming for you?


    1. Hi Deidre,
      I’m sorry to read your Achilles tendon is still not healed, as yet; it’s been a long time! I’d be really fed up by now and probably the size of a prize sow if I could not exercise! I love swimming and now it’s finally summer I swim most days. I tried WW several years ago and had relative success. But at the end of the day it’s still down to me and self-control. I’ve not come across any type of diet club, or anything similar here. Perhaps we are a lost cause. Do you have WW in Franc? Soooo how much weight have you lost now?


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