No Way!

You must be pigging joking!
You must be pigging joking!

When I saw the theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was “UP”, I immediately thought of this photograph! No, I was not persuaded to climb up a snaking ladder to the top of this enormous slide. As I pointed out, I may be cabbage looking but I’m not completely mad.

So, who’s daring enough to try one of these slides?

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  1. Ok, I might try one of these slides but I wouldn’t try many of the other things I see, like the High Ropes stuff my daughter likes doing!! Partly out of fear of looking ridiculous in front of her πŸ˜‰


  2. At one time I would have loved to have a go – as long as there was no water at the end of the slide. But now I don’t think my body would thank me.


  3. I’ll be with you Piglet. Sat in the cafe opposite, drinking wine and watching. There are two reasons for this, one I now have terrible vertigo and two I did try one of these types of slides once. But I got stuck half-way down. Not in that I was too big to fit the slide, it was just I ran out of slide, friction and gravity took over and I stopped dead. It was quite mortifying to have to bum shuffle your way down the rest of the slope.


  4. [laughing!] Well, I was taught about the ‘opportunity cost of time’ early on in the piece and I would rather spend mine doing more interesting things! No appeal whatsoever πŸ™‚ !


  5. As long as it isn’t one of those fun-food combo places where kids are enticed to take their slices of pizza, remove their shoes, and eat and play as they handle every surface after one another. Not that I’m afraid of germs – I just think it’s nasty. Back to your question – sure. Give it a rip!


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