Beach Activities – Stone Art

Imagine the scenario: you’ve taken the children/teenagers on holiday to a beach only to discover there are no touristy beach activities such as banana rides, pedalos and beach trampolines etc to keep them amused. They survey the location in horror as they realise there’s nothing but sand, shells, stones and sea. Help! The family are about to have a 21st Century boredom meltdown because it’s back to basics and worse still – there’s not even a mobile phone signal! They have to use their imagination to create their own entertainment and you’re looking for inspiration. Okay, this may be a little tongue-in-cheek but observing some families on the beach they seem lost without all the 21st century trappings.

How about…

How to keep children occupied on the beach
How to keep children occupied on the beach

Imagine the hours of peace and quiet as they work together in harmony…

Stone Art on the Beach

And if the family holiday budget is not what it was, even better this activity is free!

This post was inspired by Jake’s Photo Challenge as this week’s theme is Arrangement. Hunting through my photo archives I discovered these photographs which my husband took last year at Praia do Monte Clérigo in the Western Algarve. Hopefully when our family visit this summer they will be also be inspired to create “Stone Art” on one of the beautiful unspoilt beaches the Algarve has to offer.

Please share your ideas for keeping the family amused on the beach – perhaps you’ve tried them or have just been a curious observer as we were.


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  1. These are so cool! I haven’t ever seen people doing this on a beach, what a great idea. The most we’ve done with beach pebbles was to collect the whiter ones from Durdle Door when we camped there one year, and paint with some basic little acrylic kits we brought with us. They made nice things to sit on the coffee table back home 🙂


    1. Hi Michelle, prior to this I’d never seen this, but what a great idea! I like the idea of painting stones and a creative way to keep the children amused and a nice remeinder of your holiday when you return home.


  2. That must be a very relaxing activity, Christine. You’re so right; these days, children and especially teenagers are not easily pleased with simple pleasures like the beach. Sad, isn’t it? 😦


  3. Beautiful post my friend for arrangement theme, For sure everyone will love this kind of activities this summer ,Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. As you say, it does depend on beach conditions and local regulations, but! I believe going to the beach should be absolutely natural; long walks, ballgames, sandcastles, collecting shells and driftwood, reading under an umbrella or just meditating and daydreaming [probably the same thing 🙂 !] . . . Don’t know: brought up two daughters who always had a dozen natural ideas of exploring and building before we even hit our spot etc; we had difficulty in getting them to the ‘home point’ to eat 🙂 !


    1. Hi Eha,
      Yay, I love building sandcastles; especially the ones by the edge of the sea so you can channel the water.
      I agree natural beaches are the best. Can’t stand the ones with twee parasols and sunbeds sunbeds all lined up!

      Your kids must have enjoyed the beach if they wern’t interested in food!


    1. Hi EC, I’m sure with your creative spirit you would make a great job…and especially if your grandson tagged along to help. I would miss not living near the ocean. Are you a long way from the sea?


      1. Thanks Pip. You’re a peach for giving me such a nice compliment.
        Unfortunately, it’s about a 12 hour drive to the ocean from my home. Fortunately, we have lakes and rivers, so an enjoyable day at the shore can still be had. 🙂


  5. what a lovely idea. And suitable for chlldren of all ages. It looks a lot easier than sand art. I am definately going to have a go next time I go to the beach.
    Looks like it was all too much for the blonde kid though!


  6. Love it! My cousins and I used to have weeks of fun just playing on the beach in Italy when we were children and I have no recollection of even having bats, balls, lilos…it was all imaginary games, sandcastles, swimming and learning to dive and do handstands in the water 🙂


    1. Hi Chica…I love building sandcastles. However, I am sure I read somewhere you are no longer aloud to build sandcastels on the beaches in Italy. shame if it is true. the waves here are too rough on many of the beaches and the undertow makes swimming dangerous – which is a great shame. Scares me when I see young kids left to their own devices…


  7. Nice post! Creativity at its best. Looking at these pictures makes me long for the warmth of summer. Instead, I’m freezing my butt off in Normandy and the snow doesn’t seem to want to quit.


    1. Hi didi, I also can’t wait for summer 🙂 Watching the news you really have some bad weather there. We have just returned from France and fortunately we did not have snow. Here in Portugal it wont stop pigging raining!
      I won’t be trying to build a stone statue any time soon, either


  8. I agree with Kim: vacations are supposed to be about going back to basics! At least partially. Books are always good companions and small kids usually like to go for a swim, look at the fishies, find unusual sea shells, have swim races, etc. The more exhausted they are the better they’ll sleep at night! Teenagers are a bit more difficult (what else is new?). Personally, I prefer to relax as much as possible (no pressure to ‘do’ things), loose track of time, wonder what day of the week it is… but maybe I’m just too much of a hippie!


    1. Hi Lisbon,
      When I’m alone I love to chill and just stare out at the ocean for hours watching the sun’s rays dance on the water while i let the sand trickle through my fingers. I often lose track of time and wonder what day of the week it is, but then I’m a bit of a hippie myself. Teenagers and even those in their early twenties can be difficult to entertain as they are always wanting to be on the go. I’m challneging my son to make a stone arrangement just like this next time he stays 🙂


  9. it’s great for children to be away from computers and phones for a while and use their imagination. Those stone sculptures are great!


    1. They certainly are! (I was not sure if they were sculptures or art…now you have me wondering!)I was amazed when I studied the photos in more detail. How I’d wish I’d stopped to speak with the young guy!


          1. after seeing Gary’s pictures, I also attempted to do these columns and sculptures with rock when I was on the beach, but it was a disaster (of course I put it down to being a very windy day in the Caribbean… ) 😉


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