Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Distorted

This week’s theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is dis·tort·ed

Distorted - Life is full of surprises!
Distorted - Life is full of surprises!

dis·tort·ed: twisted; deformed; misshapen.

I grew this “distorted” tomato from seed, and although its appearance was misshapen and unappetizing when I bit into the fruit it was sweet and delicious. How often do we initially judge people by their appearance and not by their inner self?

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50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Distorted

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  1. Dear PiP, I hope you saved those seeds, its an heirloom variety called “Voyage”. If not you can get them off ebay. They look weird but taste great.


  2. Sorry PiP it is not a horse fair at Pincho. My poor Portugese translation.Not sure what it is about. It says someone (cannot remember his name) may turn up!!!!. But it starts at 4pm. Pincho is Northwest of Bensafrim which is Northwest of Lagos


  3. What a wonderful way to remind us of a very important lesson to not judge others too quickly.
    Your tomato gave me quite a chuckle. What a fun fruit it is. I’m glad it tasted well.
    You picked a perfect photo for the challenge. Well done! 🙂


  4. That’s pretty wild and a little scary. If a tomato can become so distorted, what about human beings with our great complexity?

    It still served it’s function though. Good point.


  5. Great entry for the challenge! Had you discarded that tomato, you would never have known it’s sweetness. Just goes to show – first appearances can be very deceiving.


  6. Excellent! You came up trumps in the end. How very true not judging people by their appearance – you should never judge a book by its cover, or a tomato by its skin! 🙂


    1. I felt guilty because I nearly disgarded this tomato based purely on its appearance.
      I like Ronnie’s comment below. sums it up well
      “not judging people by their appearance – you should never judge a book by its cover, or a tomato by its skin!”


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