Piglet put the kettle on…

Piglet put the kettle on Piglet put the kettle on, Piglet put the kettle on we all want some tea... Except we won’t have some tea because the pigging thing won’t work. A couple of months ago we had a problem with our kettle. Now in the grander scheme of things a dodgy kettle is... Continue Reading →

City Living in Lisbon

This week's theme for Jakes photo challenge is City Living in a city I'm sure has many advantages, but I've always pondered on the problem as to where city-dwellers hang their wet washing to dry in these tiny trendy city apartments. Now I know! Every time I visit a big city claustrophobia washes over me,... Continue Reading →

10 Useful Facts About The Carob Tree (Árvore de Alfarrobeiras)

Or should this be "10 useful facts I did not know about the Carob tree"? Lacking inspiration for this week's Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge - theme: "Growth" , I stumbled across this picture of an old Carob tree (Árvore de alfarrobeiras).  I'd taken the picture on our first geo-cache expedition and according to the accompanying blurb about... Continue Reading →


Living so far from my family I really treasure the time we are together. Last month it was our granddaughter's (Little Piglet) first Birthday, and all the Piglet clan gathered in France to celebrate the occasion. Not only were our children altogether, but it was the first time our grandson, who is seven months and... Continue Reading →

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