My A ~ Z of Portugal

Portugal blogger Julie Dawn Fox set herself the challenge of writing a series of posts relating to Portugal using each letter of the alphabet. When I read her intro post “A personal A ~ Z of Portugal” I thought “What a brilliant idea” and one that could be easily be adopted by fellow bloggers across the world. For example “My A ~ Z of Chile” or “A ~ Z of Australia”, UK, USA or wherever. I feel this is such a great way to share different aspects of life, either in your home or adopted country.

UPDATE: Over the weekend I created a blog My Global A-Z where we can all gather and share our posts. I plan to feature different bloggers and posts each week! I am still updating the blog…please click across and add your links if you’ve not already done so below, to register your interest!

Here’s the plan

Write a separate post for each letter. Create a separate category such as “My A-Z of [Country]” The title of each post will be the letter and what it means. For example, Julie’s first post is “A is for Alva”. Feel free to use a letter more than once.

My A~Z of Portugal
My A~Z of Portugal

Algarve Blog, who has also taken up the challenge, kindly provided me with a badge which I personalised. Looks like I am all set!

My A-Z will cover Portuguese people, places, culture and more…

My first post will be “A is for Azulejos” which I absolutely adore. Better get writing!

Who else is going to join us?

Update:  when you’ve written your post please paste your link in the comments section below and I will add your blog name to the above post.

Bloggers participating in “My A-Z Challenge”

A-Z is going Global!
The Hand Family in Portugal (Portugal)
Algarve Blog (Portugal)
Sami’s Colourful World (Australia)
What about your saucepans? (Dominican Republic)
Love versus Goliath (Australia)
restlessjo (Poland)
Julie Dawn Fox (Portugal)
Estirador (UK)


Julie has created a great hub website for A-Z challengesMy Personal A to Z Challenge

I hope whatever your personal A-Z challenge you will pop along and register! See you there 🙂

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  1. Hi there, not sure if my comment went through last night from my ipad, dont seem to be able to find it…. but I would like to do an A-Z on South Africa, thanks, this is a super idea and a wonderful way to interact with other bloggers. I have a travel blog covering the whole of Southern Africa.


    1. Hi Cynthia and welcome!
      Your comment was just “Awaiting Moderation”. No problem.
      Thats great welcome aboard! Once you have made your intro post/page please copy and then paste the link in comments here. I will then ad to the post above.

      Look forward to reading about South Africa 🙂


    1. Hi zebra,
      Thanks for stopping by and I will add your link to the list above! So glad you are joining us 🙂
      I think as a foreigner I am often puzzled by some aspect of Portugal, as I’m am sure you are about some aspects of life in the UK. However, the A-Z will be a great way for me to research and learn more.
      I’ve already discovered some great blogs.
      PS have you mastered “cockney rhyming slang” yet. May make a good entry for “C” 🙂
      All the best


  2. morning! poor you! sorry not sure if you want us to keep posting the links onto here ….? is there an easier way we can all do this so that you are not swamped? ( I dread to think what your inbox is looking like!??)
    but here’s my B is for Birds link:
    This is turning into an amazingly exciting project! 🙂
    I’m going to create a page on my blog too to try to keep track of it all… we can swop notes!


  3. Hiya Pip! This idea intrigues me. Could I do an A – Z of the Contiguous United States – that would be the Lower 48? Or more state specific? 🙂


    1. Hiya MJ,
      Your suggestion is absolutely fine 🙂 The idea is about sharing and learning.
      Please return and leave your link in comments when you are ready and I will add to the post above 🙂 The more the merrier…and once you have comitted there is no time limit on completion 🙂
      Look forward to reading your posts 🙂


    1. Hi Jo,
      Will add your link. I’m so looking forward to reading about Poland!
      The Azulejos post is going very slowly. I am not writing an in depth account, however, tracking down all the pics I’ve taken of the Azulejos is taking forever. Still, there is no time constraint and this IS meant to be for fun as well as acquiring knowledge. Plus I’ve realised my Monthly Veg Diary is due tomorrow.


  4. You don’t have anyone for good old Blighty, I wonder if there are enough places over here, am willing to give it a shot anyway.. looking forward to reading about other places. Marie


    1. Hi Maria,
      Goodness, there is loads of things to write about for the UK.
      Fish and Chips, Devon Scones, Queen, Buckingham Palace, Mince Pies 🙂
      Cockney Rhyming Slang…
      Great you will be joining us. Please come back and post your link in comments when you’ve added your intro post. Sometimes I miss thinks in my inbox. Not often I do


      1. I am looking forward to doing this. I did a wonderful profile of Arundel and then hit the wrong button and lost it so have to re do it. methinks I will type it up in Word forst then cut and paste, hopefully tomorrow now… REALLY EXCITED about this…


    1. Excellent, I will the link to the post above! Rum is more potent than the old vinho. I would be legless and brainless if I drank that! LOL 🙂
      We also have another lady from Australia joining us in the A-Z.
      Don’t forget there is no time limit on this. You can take months or years. ust as the inspiration grabs you 🙂


  5. Excellent idea PiP! I thought I had left a comment via my phone, but see it never showed up… love the idea and am tempted to give it a go for Chile!
    I’m looking forward to your Azulejos and Bacalaos, and… to find out what C is for!


  6. Great idea but being a Pooh of very small brain can you please explain if this is in addition to normal blog (ie another tab for a blogspot as opposed to a wordpress person) or in addition to, or mixed in with, or as and when, or does it really matter how and when? A – Z of the Dominican Republic would be fun!



    1. Hello Pooh,
      This is on your normal blog. You create a separate “category”. for example I’ve added your article Barrio Living to the Expat Focus Blog
      If you look down the RH side you will see categories. There is no category, as yet, for the Dominican Republic so I need to add.
      This is what I mean when I say create a new category. However, looking at your blog your categories are dates…
      I would set up a Tab, or in WordPress, a new Page.
      I am going to post each A-Z article as normal on my blog, but then add a link back to each A-Z blog post on the page. I do this with Portuguese Recipes and Beaches. I don’t have a list of categories as I use the category cloud option.
      I hope this ramble makes some sense!
      If not take another swig of vinho or give me a shout!


    2. Lindsay, I think an A-Z of the Dominican Republic would be a great! I look forward to reading it. Please don’t forget to add your link to these comments and I will include in the post above.
      I will eventually add links back to A-Z bloggers on my posts or page. Not sure how yet…but it’s nice to share “blog love”


    1. Yep, Jo it is exciting and it will be great to all support each other. Please dont forget to post your link in comments and I will add to the post above.
      Poland sounds fascinating. I know nothing about Poland!


          1. So, I decided to join the challenge! I just wrote my introduction post and will start with the A right away! Great idea of you to start a seperate blog for all of us to gather on 🙂


            1. Hi Lian,
              Thanks for your support in this project. I thought it would be nice to have a separate blog so I can promote everyones posts and interivew bloggers. Life has ben a very hectic this week so although the website is up I still need to add the finishing touches. Please don’t forget to add your link to the comments of my intro post on My Global A-Z Several people have emailed their links…but I am worried I will miss someone out!
              All the best


  7. I will certainly join in Piglet, my take on life in Australia. Should be fun, hope I get things for all the letters! Some of them won´t be easy!


    1. Hi Jan,
      Great idea re the States. However, it does not matter how many people write about the same country because judging from the weekly photo challenge we all approach the same topic in different ways.

      I am so excited you are joining us, and really look forward to reading more about Alaska!


  8. That sounds like fun, since you didn’t mention time constraints, Carole. My Personal A to Z of Alaska might include a politician for the letter P, since I don’t know any Piglets in Alaska, sadly. Count me in.


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