…you just need faith!

On Tuesday, after a THREE month wait for a new part for my “broken” oven it turned out they had ordered wrong part! (see my Pigging Oven! post) In desperation and with the hope of identifying the correct part the oven technician decided to take my oven to their workshop with the promise of a “temporary oven” until ours was repaired.

“No problem, we will bring you a temporary oven on Friday afternoon”

I was a little dubious as to this promise, but tried to stay positive.

Leaving nothing to chance, after the no-show last Friday, I rang the office this morning to confirm delivery. But while they knew immediately about another part being ordered when I mentioned we’d been promised a temporary oven there was a deathly silence…

“The technician IS bringing the oven this afternoon, as promised, isn’t he? I said, trying to sound assertive but not aggressive.



This young woman really does not inspire me with any confidence so at 17.00 I was really surprised when we received a call from the technician to say he was on his way!

Goes to show, you just need faith!
You just need faith!

He installed the temporary oven, but wait – it had no wire shelves the oven was empty!

We all looked at each other in silence. Our oven was a different make and the shelves a different size. However, after a brain storming session we discovered if we did not use the safety runners to prevent the shelves falling out, our wire shelves would fit. So it’s a nice Shepherd’s Pie this weekend! (That’s Shepherd’ Pie not Technician Pie)

You could not write the script!

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  1. Thank goodness! btw, When you have time, have a look at 2010 entries For the sound of silence I will raise my mighty voice in …excrutiating ordeal, but I had to calm the anger, converse with God, exercise patience, assertivenes and pursue legal interaction…. Have a good day Piglet!


  2. I have been dying to comment but had no internet connection for weeks. A real blogging story if I can bear to relive it 🙂
    Oh, I was pulling my hair out with you. Hope all is well now.
    Much love


  3. PiP. I’m in agreement with you. This script could not be written. But, who better to getting it all down in writing than you? This is another one of your posts that makes me smile–even as I feel your pain and frustration. I’m glad to hear that you and Mr. Piglet will be having Shepherd’s Pie. You and he need all the good nutrition you can get after dealing with this saga!


  4. I’ve never heard of a temporary oven either, but I’m certainly glad you figured out a way to use the one they brought over. Hope it doesn’t feel like family by the time they return yours!


  5. Glad to hear your’e cooking again. Good things come to those that wait!Hope you enjoy the shepherd’s pie.
    Thanks for the advice on the damp. I now have a dehumidfier. The Algarve mold has panicked me tho’ we do have a bit on the ceilings. The house is old with newish extension. I’ve moved the clothes into the old part for now.


    1. Hi MC,
      Don’t worry. Everyone gets it. It’s just a matter of controlling it. There is a product you can buy to paint on the ceiling to help. Mr P usually cleans off the spots with bleach. We also keep the house well aired when the days are dry but not humid. We have three dehumidfiers on the go every night.

      You will find the best way to manage it. 🙂


  6. Phew – what a relief! I’ve been following the saga and must say you have the patience of a saint – well done! I’m so happy for you and Mr Piglet that you can have a square meal again, hope you’re washing the pie down with a celebratory drink!!!


  7. You almost got me on the missing shelves! Phew… Now we await the story on the pie! Sending novenas your way that the thing stays on for the duration of your pie making. Keep us posted! 🙂
    I’m working on catching up again after a hectic workshop week again. 🙂


  8. Well cool beans. Now you can make some yummy baked goods. Shepherd’s pie sounds delicious.
    I hope they get your own oven back soon, but meanwhile I’d like to compliment you on your unwavering faith. Well done. 🙂


  9. On the downside, why do they seem to always mess up?
    On the upside (the side I’m most likely to look at fervently), you have an oven! 🙂 Happy weekend PiP! 🙂


  10. I was relieved that you got the ‘temporary’ oven as promised (o ye of little faith!) Have you tried it yet? Does it work?
    Enjoy your Shepherd’s Pie this weekend PiP!


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