Pigging Oven!

Well folks, my oven saga continues and it’s time for a real good pigging rant!
“What?” I hear you say.
“Ah, but I was only warming up in my earlier oven post”
I Only Want My Oven Mended…please

I’m “chilled” most of the time…honestly.

“Don’t you dare tell me it’s going to take another three months"
“Don’t you dare tell me it’s going to take another three months"

I was sceptical that the oven technician would even come today, after failing to show up Friday afternoon, but “they” did. Yes, and there were two of them – the technician and his side-kick. As the saying goes, “there is safety in numbers”. They were not offered the customary cup of coffee and cookies which I always give the tradesmen as I was still bearing a grudge from Friday’s “no show”. Yes, I know it was uncharitable, but wait!

One of them started making excuses and apologies about the “part” taking a long time to arrive before he’d even stepped through the door. His side-kick, looking decidedly guilty, averted his eyes. I did not believe a word – you can normally tell when someone’s lying by their body language. Their body language spoke volumes.

“Please don’t wind me up further” I thought as I escorted them to the kitchen.

I was having none of his excuses and rather than reply I gave him one of my withering looks I used to give our kids when they were misbehaving. I am sure you must be familiar with the “look” – they certainly were. I then retreated to the study and left Mr. Piglet in charge.

I then heard a bang.

“What now?” I thought, but resisted the temptation to investigate.

Five minutes later I was summoned by a very sheepish Mr. Piglet to the kitchen. Sensing my mood it took a moment for him to pluck up courage to break the news…

I turned on the technicians.

“What, I’ve waited over three months and you tell me you’ve ordered the WRONG part. I don’t believe it!” I wailed in disbelief.

I did not know whether to laugh or cry, such was my dismay!

I looked at Mr. Piglet in sheer disbelief, while the guys cowered by my oven.

Mobile phone already in hand the technician made a sharp exit.

“I need to ring the office”

“Yes, I bet you do” I replied tersely

“Don’t you dare tell me it’s going to take another three months!”

(I wish I could have been a Portuguese fly on the wall to eavesdrop on his conversation)

The other technician, sensing my mood now cowered further into the corner awaiting the result of the phone call.

Am I really that scary? Yes probably. The fuse which had been smouldering over the last three months finally ignited. I was ready to eat someone alive!

Phone conversation finished the technician returned the verdict.

“We need to take your oven away so we can order the correct part”

My goodness, this guy has courage! (he also has something else but as it a family blog I won’t repeat my actual thoughts here)

“Don’t you dare tell me it’s going to take another three months! We’ve been more than patient, it’s now winter and I need my oven”

“No problem, we will bring you a temporary oven on Friday afternoon”

Well that certainly “diffused” my anger…I looked at them suspiciously not quite believing I’d heard correctly.

They then made a hasty retreat with my oven and loaded it in their van. I probably should have asked for some paperwork in hindsight, in case they lose it. You think I’m joking?

After all the excitement I needed a coffee. Switched on the kettle and there was no electric. The “bang” I’d heard earlier had “tripped the electric.

I looked at Mr Piglet in horror

“Do you think they’ve damaged our oven and that’s why they’ve taken it away…?”


Until Friday!

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PS I was going to add a poll as to whether my oven arrives or not on Friday, but the process looked a little complicated so please just vote yes or no in comments 🙂

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  1. My gracious Piglet!!! I sympahtize with you. In the meantime, do you have a connection with anyone nearby that would allow you to use their oven? I will offer a quote from Iyanla Vanzant’s book, One Day My Soul Just Opened Up…”‘..you must not allow the wind to rattle your core….a strong wind cannot disturb the dark, peaceful calm at the bottom of the ocean…You must not break..you must be patient.'” ….”‘Glorify the presence of the divine in your being.'” My heart warmed when I read that you took a walk at the beach and had a glass of wine…Splendid!!! I will check back….Hugs from Alsace!


  2. Oh dear, oh dear! I thought things would improve since your last post on the subject… Now they’ve absconded with the oven. You should’ve asked for paperwork m’dear! I hope this story won’t get ugly! Ay Caramba! 😦


  3. They should have brought you out an oven to use that very day. You sure are being nice to them after all they have not done toward getting your oven repaired. I would have lowered the boom on everyone at that company long before now had I been in your situation. That is just unreal to take so long to repair an oven. I sure hope you get your oven back but I would not be surprised if you hear that you will need a new oven for whatever reason. Wishing you all the best and i do hope you have AN oven very soon. Hugs


    1. Hi Nel,
      I think the customer service in Portugal, on the whole, is FAR worse than the UK. But when they do get it right they really excel themselves. I can’t imagine a UK company loaning me a temporary oven while they fixed my old one. It’s the little things they are not good with

      Hey ho.
      We accept the good with the bad and believe me it’s a mixed bag!


    1. Hi FD, I am not even thinking that far ahead. Because we let the oven go we could not even prove anything if they did create a major fault. I am staying postive and my vibes are…they will come on Friday!


  4. Oh, my, we have a cliffhanger here. An empty space in your kitchen, a promise from some shady characters whose words are as good as burnt toast. I can’t wait for the next installment. (Good storytelling, PiP!) And, I am sooooo sorry you are still struggling with your oven.


  5. Oh WOW! You poor thing! You certainly have had a hard time what with the phone and internet situation and NOW this…I hope you get the new oven on Friday! 😦 I will pray that you get it!


    1. Hi Nancy…LOL Forward planning.
      Even if I ring today to confirm they will say “Yes” and then fail to show on Friday.
      If they do show and bring a temporary oven it will be amazing if they don’t I will not be surprised. I’ve been thinking they just wanted to escape and the promise was their escape route. Nothing eases to surprise me. 🙂
      but I will telephone


  6. Sounds like you need to show up at the repairman’s house with armloads of bread dough and dishes ready to be baked. Maybe it’ll encourage him to put it in gear and get the thing fixed and back to you!


  7. 3 months? Seriously? I’m surprised you were that calm! And then they break it when they do get there. I’m not sure I would have been that accepting. I’m a patient guy but there are limits. I get annoyed if the British Gas engineer, who has made me wait in all day, turns up at 7.30pm, an hour after the 9-5 time slot.

    In a way this is kind of refreshing, not to make you feel worse you understand, but so many of us think moving abroad is like moving to a rose scented paradise where the world is filled with pretty shapes and lights and happy fun times. So when this happens I think “Hey, that kind of service sucks everywhere, not just in the UK!”


    1. LOL I certainly remember the service in the UK!
      Yep, it is a bed of roses and this afternoon we went for a walk along a beautiful deserted beach then sat and had a glass of wine. It helps to put things in perspective
      “you can’t have your cake and eat it” 🙂
      Ps thanks for dropping by I know you are really busy with the Novel challenge.


  8. I hate to be an anti-Pollyanna here, but I vote “NO!” And I’ll go further and say that it won’t surprise me if you end up needing a whole new oven.

    Perhaps Mr. Piglet could been accustomed to your making dinner……..reservations, that is!


    1. Hi Rose,
      I do hope you are not right. It may have been small but it was a German and is very expensive to replace. To be honest if I had plenty of money I would not give myself so much grief and just go and buy a new one to restore the Kama.

      Dinner out…yep we have eaten out a few times but I want to experiment with some new recipes to post on my new blog.


  9. OMG, I hope you get your oven with the correct part soon! I would be lost without my oven, especially in winter!!
    Every business has a complaints book (livro de reclamaçoes) that is filled out in triplicate I think (never complained, but I have seen one), and you get a copy and another copy gets forwarded to some authority, who hopefully can do something about it. Or at least you get it off your chest and they might get a wake up call to hopefully treat their customers better next time.
    You might need to get someone to write out the complaint in Portuguese though! (Ps – email me the what you want to say and I will translate).
    I will be in Portugal next week for 3 weeks, leaving this Sunday and will stay in Paris with my daughter until Friday when I fly to Lisbon).


    1. Hi Sami,
      Thankyou for your kind offer of help! I am feeling really frustrated and just hope an oven arrives on Friday. I laugh it if does not fit in the space.
      If they let me down this Friday I think I will have to threaten them with this action. I researched this book some time ago, and for some reason I think I can fillit in online. I will have to go and read my own post.

      Have a great time in Paris and Lisbon! we wil be reading on your blog about “A tale of two cities”


  10. Pip, I feel for you. I arrived in Portugal two weeks ago and have experienced the Portugese way of working first hand.
    I personally would prefer to give work to the local Portugese but I can see why expats are starting their own businesses.
    Keep up your wonderful sense of humour. You could always start Mr. P on a raw food diet. I’ve heard it is very trendy at the moment.


    1. Hi Mini Clara,

      LOL raw food! Yes,I will be tracking down and mincing up the oven technicians if they don’t arrive on Friday. It’s a shame I never started this blog sooner, I have so many stories to tell.

      How are you settling in?


      1. Let’s hope it’s not Technician mince pies for Christmas!!!
        The weather has not been great – not the best welcome for us. Apparently the Portugese don’t like to work in the rain!! I wont get started.
        I’m sure I’ll be asking your advice in the not too distant future.


        1. Just hope it’s not raining tomorrow for our “big” day!
          Technician mince pies…now there’s an interesting thought! Do we use them as bait for the sharks? 🙂

          No, you have not had good weather since you’ve arrived. That’s a shame because there is always so much to do when you first move in. You are always welcome to email me 🙂


          1. I hope they don’t read your blog or you’ll never see them again.
            I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
            Do you have any tips on how to cope with the damp? The house has become very damp due to the humid weather.


            1. Hi MC LOL I don’t think they will be reading my blog as it is in English and even if they did it would be like water off a ducks back!

              Re damp. Is your house a new house? the weather where we are in the SW is really humid and inside the house it is usually 70% plus . You need to invest in good dehumidifers to take the moisture out of the air. We usually run these at night on the cheap rate electricity. What method of heating are you using?

              The benefit of high humidity it stops your skin drying out 🙂

              Keep a close check on the clothes in your wardrobes. If it is a new house we initially had problems with a white mold on the clothes. Because of the high humidity coupled with the fact the house was still drying out we were always taking clothes to the dry cleaners or washing them. They always seem to have a damp musty smell.
              We then invested in wardrobe heaters and I now even have an airing cupboard which is pure luxury!

              If you don’t control the damp you will end up with black mold (Algarve Mold). This is dangerous to health and can cause problems with sinuses etc. There is a product you can buy to paint on the ceilings etc but you really need to control the humidity inside the house first.

              Hope this helps.



  11. Pip, I got to tell you, I admire your patience. I would not have lasted but maybe a month and then I would have gone ballistic on them. If I was you, I’d check into the consumer protection laws for your country and see if you can take action against them or at least fill a report about their shoddy business practices. We have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) here in the states for reports such as that.
    I fear if they bring you a temporary oven that 5 years from now you’ll still have it and never see your other one again.
    I do hope this gets straightened out soon. It’s terrible that your the victim of such insolent business practices.
    My positive thoughts are with you. (((hugs)))


    1. Hi EC,
      I suppose during the summer we were eating salads and BBQ’s. Had a lot of meals which I cooked on the hob. Now it’s winter I want to experiment with new recipes for my new blog.

      Sami (see below) has promted me that “Every business has a complaint’s book (livro de reclamaçoes)” I also share your fear about the oven. If I’d realised they’d blown the fusebox I would not have let them leave the house without some written record. Still I always have my pictures of my oven to remember it by! LOL
      We will see what happens on Friday!


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