Weekly Photo challenge “Fall” – Hedgerow Harvest

This weeks (now last week’s) WordPress Photo challenge is “Fall” or Autumn. When I saw this week’s theme I thought great! We are in England and the leaves are turning wonderful shades of gold and amber. The leaves are falling from the trees so I wanted to photograph them floating in the wind. Well, that was the idea! In practice an hour later and nothing! Is to do with shutter speed? Anyway, I was walking back down the country lane feeling quite dejected when I spotted many different berries in the hedgerows.

Autumn's Hedgerow Harvest
Autumn's Hedgerow Harvest
When I was a child we used the seeds from the Rose hips as “itching powder”. We thought it great fun to put the seeds in people’s clothes.
Rosehips in the hedgerow
Rosehips in the hedgerow
Is it true if there is a bumper crop of wild berries it will be a hard winter?
A feast of berries in the hedgerow
A feast of berries in the hedgerow
I love foraging for blackberries and then make a blackberry and apple tart. In the Algarve I have not noticed any discernible difference in the foliage and certainly not an Autumn harvest of berries. Some of my favourite “Fall” photographs by fellow bloggers Spirit Lights the Way Walk A Mile In My Shoes Enjoy Creating One Wild and Precious Life


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  1. Your post makes me think of when I lived in the country-sure do miss those strolls across the grassy fields. Nice photos – your lucky to be able to have fresh berries within reach-they look delicious !!


  2. Lovely pictures. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while to comment, but I’m back. It is hard to get leaves as they fall, but someday you will get a lucky shot I’m sure.


    1. Hi Rose,
      Berries are also probably my favourite fruit…as you know with strawberries. However, blueberries, loganberries, cranberries etc seem to be very expensive here in Portugal. Perhaps they are just not very popular.
      I think I may try to grow some.


  3. Blackberries, how yummy! We had wild bushes in the village where we lived in Portugal (near Viseu) and I enjoyed going for walks and picking and eating them straight off the bush.


  4. mmm, I love those tasty blackberries: Fresh, in a cobbler, in jelly or most any old way. Yum!
    Great photos and thoughts for the Fall photo theme.
    Thanks for the mention and link. You’re so sweet to do that. 🙂


  5. I love the berries… and that they have so many makes me wonder too… Hopefully, the bumper crop is just that; an abundance of blessings!
    Enjoy your time. 🙂


    1. Hi Tilly,
      Acording to Hortophile above, no. The weather people forecast a hard winter in the UK this winter. Last winter was bad enough I had to cancel my flight because of the snow! Hope its not the same this year


  6. I also stood for ages trying to capture a falling leaf, all I can say is thank goodness for digital, had it been film I would have wasted a lot of it in my unsuccessful quest. Your berries and rosehips are great.


  7. Falling leaves … tricky! Using flash will freeze the movement if within range of the flash. Using a tripod and a slower shutter speed, without flash, may convey the movement better and appear more natural and dynamic. Good luck!


  8. I think a bumper crop of berries has more to do with the type of spring and summer the plants have had, and possibly the previous winter, rather than a prediction of the future….

    But when your horse grows an extra thick winter coat…. look out!


  9. Beautiful berries, PiP! Enjoy all the fall colors.

    I know that I’ve captured some wonderful shots of fall leaves (in New England and the mountains) . . . but I don’t know if any were fall-ing leaves.

    Good luck.


  10. I tried to capture a photo of a leaf falling to the ground last year. Impossible. I know how you feel.

    There must be a way. Have you figured it out yet?


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