Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is “Colorful”

Colorful Truck
"I should charge 5 euros for every photo!"

We were on our way to a restaurant with some friends when I spotted this colorfully painted truck in the car park. “Perfect”, I thought “Result! – just the picture I’d been looking for this week’s “Colorful” photo challenge theme”.
Camera always to the ready I could not resist hanging back to take some photographs. I was snapping away, holding up the traffic in the process so I could get a clear shot, when a German guy came over to me.

You like my truck?”

Yes” I replied, trying to take one last shot. “It’s beautifully painted – I love the colours – very artistic” I enthused.

I walked over to the truck to inspect the artwork more closely.

You would like to stand by the truck while I take your photograph?” he asked kindly

No, that’s OK, I would ruin the photograph” I laughed.
I was about to beat a hasty to retreat into the restaurant when I was given a guided tour of the decorative artwork and shown the artist’s signature.

Feeling I should make some further comment about the impressive artwork I responded.

You must have lots of people taking photographs of your truck?

Yes, and if I charged five euros for every photo, I would have enough money to stay in this beautiful place longer” he said as if looking for a tip.

I laughed nervously, thanked him and thought “Time for a sharp exit!

I returned to our friends who had spotted me chatting to the truck guy and asked what I’d been doing. I was just about to try to explain when Mr. Piglet, sensing a protracted explanation, quickly answered on my behalf.

“Don’t ask!”

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

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  1. Great photo and fab truck! Think you’ve just made that guy famous but how silly that he has a money making idea which could enable him to stay in a beautiful place, yet he doesn’t put a price on his artwork – his answer is right under his nose! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great Pic! The newest craze around here are the gourmet food trucks. They are all boldly painted with murals that depict the food they serve up. There is a blog in the works!!!


  3. ~rofl~ You got Colorful perfectly with the photo and with the the story of your encounter of the owner who is a colorful character as well. lol
    Well done! 🙂


  4. LOL. You should be charging for all of your wonderful photos. You live in a land of color and have a great eye. 😀


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