A Present for Piglet!

I was given a wonderful surprise present this afternoon – my own Piggy Assador de Barro!

Pig Assador de Barro
Pig Assador de Barro

It’s really cute. Thankyou so much!

What unexpected presents have you received recently?

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24 thoughts on “A Present for Piglet!

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  1. My husband is dying to get one for Christmas and he hasn’t been able to find one. I want to surprise him with one. Where can I buy this online?!?! I have been looking all over the place!


  2. Aw lovely! So cute and I remembered your blog about the toast rack and it made me laugh. In answer to your question I received a lovely handmade cushion (which I mentioned in a recent blog) as well as wine,chocolates,potatoes(!),sweets, flowers and well meant advice all given to me recently.


  3. That’s crazy cool! Congratulations on your super gift. I like it’s shape. I can hardly wait to see what you do with it. How about a picture of toasts in it, just for good measure. 😉


  4. Oh, it’s so perfect! And belated congrats on your blog’s success, PiP! I love reading your wit and seeing your photos. Always fascinating—well deserved!


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