Garden Diary: July – A Mixed Bag of Garden Challenges

My Six on Saturday this week is a roundup of garden challenges. I am now officially at war with the blackbird who thinks he reigns supreme over my vegetable garden. After several attempts to grow lettuce from seed, I finally managed to persuade some to germinate and the seedlings moved to my large lettuce pot.... Continue Reading →

Tomato Blight: Is Gardening a Green Science … ?

I am curious. While removing and disposing of some tomato plants that had contracted the dreaded blight  I wondered if I should dispose of the remaining soil in the pots or would the UV rays from the sun kill any blight bacteria? Apparently,  high UV kills COVID-19 virus on surfaces so why not blight, especially... Continue Reading →

Crested Eve’s Needle – Fungal or Scale?

Growing succulents and cacti has become my passion.  Unfortunately  for the plants in my care,  I am still relatively new to the sport so have much to learn with watering being the biggest challenge,  until now! Imagine my despair when I discovered my prize Crested Eve's Needle (Austrocylindropuntia subulata f. cristata) was covered in a scaly... Continue Reading →

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