Weekly Smile: Week Commencing 29th August

A BIG smile this week because after moaning for the last couple of years that I can’t fully access my raised vegetable garden and listening to Mr. Piglet’s moans because he has to climb up onto the bed to weed, plant and pick crops in the centre strip he finally agreed to redesign and create a U-shaped bed. Happy days!

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We also went to Amado beach cafe for a sundowner and I smiled as there were two guys, each straddled across the bench seat applying eyeliner to each other. A good friend used to apply lippy in random places but never eyeliner. A first!

On the way home we stopped off to watch the sun set … not great but there is something magical watching the sun as it bids us farewell to us as it greets folk on the other side of the world with ‘good morning’.

I returned to line dancing after my vacation in France and we learnt a new dance. I can’t dance per se thanks to my dodgy knee replacement, so my dance technique is more of a shuffle-hobble but I love the rhythm of the music and the comradery.

I also managed to buy some rope for my cork mirror project from the drogeria in Portimao. The place is an Aladin’s cave and unlike the Big DIY stores the staff are actually knowledgeable as well as helpful. I may also have found a huge terracotta pot for a huge indoor plant that is pot-bound and in desperate need of TLC

AND my sewing machine arrived. I have wanted a new sewing machine for years. It’s only a beginner’s model but as long as it stitches in a straight line and has the zig-zag stitch option that’s fine by me. Perfect.

Finally, I wrote a fun piece of flash fiction to enter the #FridayFlash challenge on Writing Forums where I am a co-owner/director. Why not join us? New members welcome.

Lots of smiles this week 🙂

Check out Trent’s blog for more smiles.

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  1. A lot of smiles. I’m sure the garden redesign is welcome. There is something special about the sun setting over the water, even when it isn’t the most spectacular ever. Have a wonderful week ahead!


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