Six on Saturday: Kalanchoe, Aeoniums, Pots, Plot and Plans

Finally, Six on Saturday. Yesterday was one of those days where anything that could go wrong did. Google informed me that my inbox was full and so all the photos I’d taken for SoS did not arrive. On further investigation it transpired I had sent all my mobile phone pictures to a Google cloud in the sky. No problem I located the cloud and deleted it. I thought ALL the photos would still be on my phone. NO, somehow I managed to delete all the photos on my phone as well. The day went downhill from there … And somewhere along the line I also managed to delete this post.

My gmail is still full so this morning I had to take and send more photos to another email account. It’s too early for wine. Anyways, that’s why I am late.

1. Kalanchoe

I will let them speak for themselves.

Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoe
Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoe
Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoe
lanchoe - mother of millions

2. Aeoniums


3. Mystery Succulent?

4. Pots

As the Cymbidum Orchid has finished flowering I decided to remove the display pot and give it a springclean. A spider had taken up residence between the pots and I discovered all these white cottonwool like balls. The spider made a quick getaway which I later discovered hanging from my fringe.

5. Plans – Succulent Garden

The succulent garden despearately needs a complete overhaul. Out of sight out of mind, several plants have moved on to plant heaven.

6. Plotting – Irrigation

A big thank you to a kind neighbour who kindly volunteered to go to the local gardening hardware shop to buy the rest of the parts we needed to complete the irrigation system and some more compost. (we are shielding so we only walk locally or go to the mailbox).

Hopefully, it will stop raining today and I can plant some more seeds and start cleaning the succulent bed.

That’s it for this week. Apologies to Mr P for being late on parade.


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