Recycling Project: Creating a Mosaic Table

A couple of years ago I rescued a small, solid white plastic table from our local rubbish bins. I will qualify this by saying people do leave good stuff near the bins in the hope it is rehomed. What a great way to recycle!

The only promble – the plastic had deteriorated and lost its shine.


plastic table rescued from the bins - 2018
plastic table rescued from the bins – 2018

I thoroughly cleaned the table and stored it in our garage with the idea I would collect discarded swimming pool tiles and tile samples to  mosaic the top.

Two years later with a good supply of swimming pool tiles collected from the local bins, I started the project.

1. Mark out the design.

marking up the design
marking up the design

2. Cut and stick the tiles. I used the T Rex Cristal glue which is 100% invisible, strong and water resistant. And mosaic nippers to cut the tiles.


Cutting the tiles with nippers
Cutting the tiles with nippers

Once all the tiles were in place …

coffee table before grouting
coffee table before grouting

3. I grouted with water resistant grout.

mosaic side table
mosaic side table

and sprayed the base with white PVC paint.

Who says you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear? Now I just need to buy some water resistant product to protect the grout for stains, such as red wine, tea an coffee.

I have hundreds of tiles left … myabe my next project will be a full size table!


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