Handpans and Happiness

On Sunday we went to our local beach for coffee. As we enjoyed the views across the yet unspoilt beach and rugged coastline of the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina while chatting to friends, we paused as the sound of haunting music caught our attention. At first, we thought the music was emanating from the cafe but as I turned to locate the source of this mystical sound I noticed a man playing what can only be loosely be described as an instrument shaped like a cataplana.


As the sound continued to float on the breeze, I felt a spiritual connection so I moved closer to inspect the instrument and how the different sounds were produced. Plucking up courage I asked the man what the instrument was called: A Handpan. I was hooked. Love at first sight or should I say, sound. I asked him to play some more so I could record on my mobile phone. He kindly obliged and I made up my mind there and then I must have one.

However, as they are handcrafted they are expensive with potentially a long lead time from placing the order. We continued to talk and on leaving he gave me his card. Detlef Michael Cremer.

The moment I arrived home I spent hours researching how and where I’d buy one and then which tone (Scale) I preferred. It was at this point I began spinning on the spot as there were so many options. But where there is a will there’s a way… and I will find a way!

In the meantime

Thank you, Michael, for such a wonderful smile!

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Many years ago, I played the classical guitar but after an injury to my hand, I was unable to play. That was 40 years ago and the passion of creating music has been missing until now. I do hope I can manage to play this wonderful instrument.

If there are any other handpan players in the Algarve? I’d love to connect!


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  1. Thanks for compliments…
    I just saw this Post…… i‘m astonished to find me here…..
    but Quote nice…..
    best wishes Micha


  2. Hi
    The handpan looks a lot like a steel drum, except upside down. The steel drum is very common in Caribbean music. It is played with hammers, much like a xylophone. In my youth (way, way back) I bought one when I had a work assignment on Grand Bahama. The price was very reasonable and it sounded great. Looking for a steel drum might prove to be an acceptable compromise if you can’t find a handpan.

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