Weekly Smile: The Toilet Inspector

My smile this week came courtesy of an unexpected source: public toilets. Eew… yes. Seriously.

The journey to Coimbra, in northern Portugal, for my post op visit with the knee surgeon is long and tedious so we punctuate our journey with various coffee and toilet breaks (pit stops) to relieve the monotony.

Our first pit stop passed without incident but needless to say a hot coffee quickly percolated through the system and I was reminded an hour later that we needed to stop again. It was nearly lunchtime so having spotted a sign for a picnic area with toilets just off the motorway, we pulled in.

Picnic tables set under pine trees and a well maintained garden area – and a toilet block – what a perfect location to stop for our picnic lunch!

With the assistance of crutches and spurred on by my wailing bladder I made my way up the grassy bank to the ladies. You can imagine my horror when I opened the toilet door to be presented with a squat toilet. My bladder and I had a quick discussion, needs must…

I chuckled with laughter all the way back to the car as I recalled my last experience of a squat toilet in France and my first experience of automated toilets.

To top off my toilet experience the next service station pit stop had piped jungle sounds: monkeys and birds. Perfect – just what I needed to hurry me on my way.

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  1. A campsite in France was my first experience of these loos. I was young, and my first thought was someone had nicked the toilet – a thought I conveyed to my hosts who exploded with laughter!

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