A Smile or Two …

Over the last week I’ve had many reasons to smile.

#1 the dreaded knee operation on my meniscus is now behind me. The pain leading up to the operation had become unbearable at times and kept me awake most nights. I am pleased to report the operation went well and so far so good. Only time will tell if it is a success but I remain positive and am back on my diet to lose weight and lighten the load. I’ll be walking with crutches for at least a month and next week I begin two months intensive physiotherapy to rebuild strength in the knee.

The other smiles of the week include a good friend invited us round for a delicious lunch and we had our belated New Year’s celebration. PLUS, she gave me a lovely ‘get well’ gift. A painting of a mother and baby penguin. She painted the picture herself so it was extra special.

Another smile is the birthday present from my sister which started its journey early December finally arrived. The original order went astray but thankfully Amazon resent another order. I was delighted when I opened my present as it was two books on mosaics!! I’m now itching to start one of the projects.

Mosaics Books
Mosaics Books

And I also received a Get Well card from my son and family in the UK.


If you like to focus on the positive side of life, why not join Trent for the Weekly Smile.

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  1. Thanks, Gary. Yep, it would be great if I could weigh less. I find it difficult to support my portly frame on forearm crutches as my wrists and arms ache due to bearing the weight. I would love a mini motorised scooter (like a skateboard with handlebars) to use around the house and garden.

    Your buisness plan sounds as if it could have ‘legs’ 🙂


  2. Hi PiP, I’m sorry you had to do the knee surgery thing. I had to do the back surgery thing last year and mine was wildly successful, but it still left me thinking how rick we could get with reduced-gravity day spas. Folks would come and pay for several hours to walk, exercise, swing or just lie around in comfortable beds where they weigh 25, 50 or 75% of their normal weight.

    Before my surgery – I would have been there daily to get the strain off of my back. The only problem, the technology doesn’t exist. Oh well, but when it does, I want to be ready with a business plan.

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  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Carole. What a beautiful penguin painting, you have a very talented friend, and of course a lovely gift from your sister for your mosaic projects.


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