Pet Peeve: I Need to Sit Down …

… but there are no courtesy seats in shops. I never noticed until I injured my knee  (I’m unable to stand or walk for long) that shops no longer have a courtesy chair or two, for those waiting while their companions browse.

This week, we went to the new designer outlet at Mar shopping centre near Loule. My husband was shopping in the various clothes shops while I stood around like a spare part. Which would have been fine if the shops at least had a chair for those with walking disability to sit down for a moment. At one point my knee ached so much,  I actually went into a changing cubicle to sit on a bench and rest my leg while he continued browsing.

‘You can’t sit there,’ he said.

I won’t repeat what I said in response. Put it this way: I was tired, grumpy,  in pain and about to eat someone alive!

I will also add we were the only people in the shop. In fact, we were the only people in most shops.

On one occasion I actually sat on a display stand. What is the matter with shops now? A courtesy chair would be such a kind gesture. And it would also help heavily pregnant women who also need to shop and can’t stand for long.

When I first left school I worked in a ladies clothes shop and we always had a chair available. I was only sixteen at the time but if someone with walking difficulties came into the shop a chair was always offered. It wasn’t rocket science just old-fashioned courtesy.

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  1. The same is often true in the US – well, in the areas I’ve lived in anyway. A very small number will have chairs or benches available but most do not. I noticed some that used to offer them have removed them. I’ve thankfully never had need for them personally but have wondered why they are not just commonplace for those who do need them.

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    1. I know we go to a store to shop but surely clothes’ shops, where there is the potential for a lot of standing around waiting, could provide something. I thought it was just Portugal. Interesting you guys experience the same problem in the US

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  2. Yes and the banks are the worst culprits. You can wait ages at the reception desk, which isn’t just reception, take out money etc, but deals with everything! Phone shops too. No seats in Loulé BPI for example

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