Three Reasons to Smile: What Made Me Smile This Week?

I’ve had many smiley moments over the last week so to keep this short I’ll only share three.

Onions – A Lost in Translation Moment

How can onions make you smile when they are renowned for making you cry?

I always  grow red onions as  they are quite expensive to buy in the shops. So last month I went to our local market to buy some red onion plugs – no luck. I thought the stallholder said  (my Portuguese is not brilliant) that he would have onions next month.

Ever the optimist I returned this month to buy the onions,  still no luck with the onions but somehow I bought fifteen red cabbages. WHAT? Why on earth did I buy red cabbages, yet alone fifteen? If three survive they will last me a year. So that’s twelve for the slugs and snails, and three for me. Anyway, it made me laugh that rather than tell the guy in my best Portuguese I wanted red onions rather than red cabbage, I just bought them for a quiet life.

2. Poetry

I have finally finished revising my poem which attempts to highlight plastic pollution. It’s now almost ready for submission to a couple of LitMags. Fingers crossed. If the poem gets accepted I won’t be smiling I’ll be doing a happy dance! The poem was inspired by the TV documentary ‘Drowning in Plastic’. Anyone else watch the program?

3. Sunday Coffee With a View and a Surprise!

This is  a place of the soul and to feel at one with nature. While the photograph was a little hazy due to the sea mist, the view still made me smile and feel at peace within.

As I can’t walk along the beach and estuary at the moment, or master steps, my creative spirit must be content with the view. A flask of coffee, my writing notebook and a camera is the next best thing.

Estuary at Amoreira
Estuary at Amoreira

As we were about to leave we noticed this sign which made us roar with laughter!

The Weekly Smile”, is a shared blogging event over at Tren’ts blog. What a great idea!


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  1. I’m sorry you can’t walk that now – it is so inviting for a long walk! But it is also a great view. Good luck with your poetry. And I am sure you are spending a lot of time with Google and finding exciting new recipes for dishes with red cabbage! 🙂


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