Furrrrrry Friends

Do cats and dogs need us as much as we need them?

Furry Friend
Furry Friend

When I was a child I had two cats both of which were killed on the road.  When I lost my first cat I was heartbroken so my parents, in an attempt to soften the loss, bought me a kitten which I named Lucky. Unfortunately, he  was not so lucky as he found his way down to the main road where he also met his maker.

I still remember the bond I had with them so when I snapped this photograph of my baby grandson with their family cat  it rekindled childhood memories.

We never got another cat and my bond with ‘furry friends’ was broken.

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  1. Over the years we have had around thirty cats. At one time we had 23.
    We currently have five – one we adopted from one neighbour and another from the neighbour on the other side that has adopted us.

    Yes, most are independent and will leave if they consider they are having a rough deal.
    However, those that are well fed and ”loved” usually stay put.

    One of our oldest cats, Mr Nibbles, was once away from home for three days.
    Late one summer’s evening while I was working at the computer he dragged himself into my office. He had been hit by a car, so said the vet, and had a broken right leg and had bitten through his gum.
    But he was so determined he made it home.
    We must be doing something right I guess!

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  2. Since very young we always had cats. After getting married we had a couple of dogs and then cats too. I have a bigger bond with cats though and I seem to collect cats all over the world…or they are attracted to me.
    At the moment we have 3 cats (siblings) but they have different personalities – one is very homely and loves to sit on our laps, keeps us company in the garden, etc, the other two are more independent.
    I think they need us as much as we need them – they are good company, a calming presence and can make us laugh too.

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  3. *big amile* Have never been a ‘cat person’ but have to live without a dog at the moment and I am lost!! Methinks they are the best, most accepting, fun and honest companions in the world and each of them does have a definite personality! My very favourite was a Pembroke Corgi ‘Sir Charles Slurps’, fondly known as Charlie, and he had the whole household tied up in knots!! Had something to ‘say’ about each issue . . . . Oh, loved roast pork and duck, would sit in front of the oven with eyes glued for the whole of the baking process and then come, his bowl in his teeth, to be first in line 🙂 !


  4. I think it all depends on the individual animal, though in general based on my experiences they do often need us as much as we need them. They are just like us – every one has a different personality and different needs and wants.

    Two of the cats I had growing up we had gotten when they were still small enough to need to be fed with eye droppers. They and momma had been at my dad’s place of work, a lumber yard, under one of the saws. Some of the workers wanted to throw them all in the river! My dad and two others stepped in and stopped them though, each claiming a couple kittens and one took home the momma as well. Those cats were absolutely, undeniably attached to us the same way we were to them. More recently I had two cats (both of whom have since passed) and one was constantly wanting attention, the other only when it suited him.

    I had two previous dogs over the years I know for certain needed me the way I needed them, and the same is true of the two I have now.

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    1. Cherry, you are right about animals having personalities. A friend had a dog whose breed I can’t spell (shcnowser) and he was a real character. I loved him.

      It was a lucky day for those kittens when your dad saved them! I think there is a different kind of bond when you act as a surrogate mom to an animal.


      1. My Rascal is half mini schnauzer! She definitely has some of the schnauzer traits to her habits and personality!

        It definitely is different when you are a surrogate to them when they are very young! I will never ever forget the closeness we had with those cats. They were also amazingly bonded to one another as well. But the story that best reflects that is a sad one, perhaps to be shared another day.


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