Mosaics -My New Hobby

As part of a gardening project I decided to ‘tart’ up some old flower pots to add colour and interesting focal points to shady areas of my garden and as a feature for pots containing cacti. So after a visit to a local garden centre, where the lady owner tiled anything and everything, I felt inspired to try my hand at mosaics.

To get a feel for handling and cutting the glass tiles AND, not covering everything in glue, I started with four basic coasters. Considering I have twelve fingers and four thumbs I am ‘reasonably’ pleased with the result.

Stage 1.

Mosaic Coasters - Adding the border
Mosaic Coasters – Adding the border

Glue the border tiles to the wooden coaster.

Okay, I know the border tiles aren’t straight. I was procrastinating elsewhere and by the time I realised the glue had set!

Stage 2

Mosaic Coasters - Adding the pattern
Mosaic Coasters – Adding the pattern

Once the border tiles were set, I cut some tiles in random shapes to fill in the centre.

Stage 3

I mixed the black grout to the consistency of peanut butter and then applied with a small trowel and damp sponge. The one thing the teacher drilled into my brain was do not wash the grout down the sink or toilet. IT BLOCKS THE DRAINS.

Finished coasters.
Finished coasters.

This is a good hobby if you want to be creative while you write.


Next project: Plant pot

7 thoughts on “Mosaics -My New Hobby

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  1. Nice new hobby Carole. The coasters look nice, looking forward to the plant pots. Many years ago I used mirror offcuts cut in little squares to glue to pots and they looked very pretty.

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  2. dear mrs piglet
    thnankyou very interesting hobby which I hear the romans where a dab hand at !
    could I ask a favour though, could you contact your tile-mosaic mentor and ask her if she has ever attached ceramic tiles to metal and if so did she use normal tile cement or another adhesive ?


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