A Great Sense of Achievement


Sometimes we set ourselves personal goals swept away on the crest of a wave by a moments reckless enthusiasm or, as in my case on this occasion, after a glass or three of cheap heady red wine. We believe anything is possible if we put our minds to it and of course it is if the goal is realistic.

The NANoWriMo was for me one of those moments.Thank goodness I did not decide to become a brain surgeon or walk to Kathmandu or even Timbuktu for charity. (Checking the spelling it’s the fist time in fifty..her hum years I realised that Timbuktu is an actual place!)

So fellow bloggers and followers, the Queen of waffle achieved her goal with over 50,000 words in twenty-nine days and life returns to normal, or whatever normal is in this land of sunshine and bureaucracy. However, I still have so much more to write to complete the book but at least I can set my own realistic pace. The NaNoWriMo challenge gave me a great start so my next challenge is to complete the book and ho hum…the dreaded DIET!
Yes, Piglet D.I.E.T!

Here’s to my blogging buddies who are also NaNoWriMo Winners.
Dave Farmer, ElizO of Mirth and Motivation and Sarsm

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  1. Well done, indeed! Many many people have dropped by the wayside. What is your final target length? One school of thought holds that a book should be 80,000 words as near as can be. I usually get about another third on top of that, but I don’t finish a novel – it does it for me.


    1. Hi colonialist and welcome! My novel is already at 70,000 words and the tale has a way to go! perhps If 80,000 words is the target I should split it 🙂 the problem is I’ve never even considered writing a novel before so just launched in to the process without any background knowledge of what was expected. I’ve just been tagged by didi so I’m going to be writing about this in more detail.


      1. Personally I think 80 000 is far too short. I also detest the people who advocate chopping out most descriptive passages, and most adjectives and adverbs, to keep the story rushing along at moron level. Unfortunately, many readers do go for such watered-down offerings.


  2. Congratulations!!! I completed NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago and I know the amount of energy and the dedication you need. I’m so happy for you. Feels great, doesn’t it?


  3. Well done you hit your Target against all the odds keep up the good work we are all looking forward the finished BOOK!!!!! xx


    1. Hi Sami,
      Thanks for your good wishes. I feel quite excited but the book is a long way off completion however, I kep plodding away. 🙂 I I still ahve your email. sorry I meant to respond, but have been working flat out.


  4. It won’t let me replay any more!!

    I would like to publish once I’ve edited it to such a standard that I feel happy with it.

    Did you know that you can get three copies of your book for free through one of the companies on the website – because you’re a winner. That offer is on until June 2013.

    Last week I read that Harry Potter was rejected 12 times and King’s Carrie 30 times. So I’m already telling myself that rejection is on the cards to get myself used to the idea. I’ll be in good company!

    If I’m really happy with the finished product, my thoughts ta the moment are to try different publishers and if that doesn’t work to self-publish. Several people already said they want to buy it so that’s spurring me on!!

    So many exclamation marks! So much excitement!!! 😀


    1. Hi Nancy,
      Interesting question. I am pleased with the story so far. Considering it’s not the type of book I would normally read I do not have any frame of reference as to popular style. The characters have taken on a life of their own and as I get further into the book it’s consuming my thoughts. To be honest apart from the creative writing course I atteneded recently I was/still am pretty clueless how I should start so I just dived in…and when I got stuck I asked one of my buddies for advice. However, I’ve learned a lot over the last month not only about the process but about myself.

      Perhaps because I was skidiving without a parachute so to speak gave me the freedom to write without the hinderance of the rules.


  5. ~applause & standing ovation~ Congratulations! This is a wonderful achievement.
    What genre is it: mystery, romance, comedy or something else.
    I applaud your success with the month long Nano!


      1. This morning I was so excited to be free – I cleaned the kitchen, did the washing, prepared the advent calendar, prepared parcels to be sent for Nikolaus Day, listened to music, phoned friends. The children came home and we went out for lunch and we took time to have a proper chat and fool around. Then we went shopping.
        By late afternoon I had printed off my book and was pouring through it, and making everyone listen to me reading bits of it and that went on until after 9pm!!!!
        I thought I’d start editing in January when I have more time, but, I think I’m obsessed. :-)i


          1. Pretty much. But editing is the main process, I think.
            That will take me a long time. I’m reckoning an average of two full eight hour working days, at least, per short story. If not three. I’m obsessive. 😉 I want to work each one until I think it’s perfect.

            Glad you’re working on to get it finished. Would you like to publish?


            1. Yes, like you the editing will certainly take a long time.

              I would like to try and have it published, but I know judging by all the great authors out there who have not been lucky, I reckon I stand as much chance of winning the lottery however, I still buy a ticket every week just in case.

              What about you?


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