NaNoWriMo – Day 16

NaNoWriMo Day 16
NaNoWriMo Day 16

It’s day sixteen of the NaNoWriMo and we are now over half way through the challenge and although weary at times I’m still determined to succeed. However, little did I know when I committed to NaNoWriMo that I would travel to France thereby losing two days travelling,  unable to write as my adorable baby granddaughter thinks grandma is her best toy, and then she kindly gave me her cold so I ended up at the doctors who diagnosed I had a chest infection and bronchitis.

Now safely home I’m battling to make up my word count, but at times it feels like I’m climbing Everest. Not that I’ve ever tried climbing a mountain you understand, but I can imagine the effort. If you look at the graph above it actually does resemble mountaineering as the line is on a steep upward gradient. Now if you imagine turning the graph round the other way and count down…perhaps phycologically 50,000 words would not seem such an uphill task and less daunting. I know drink less red wine Piglet, and more water.

I’ve now notched up just over 20,000 words and am only about 6500 words behind target. The words flow but as they say “The mind is willing but the body weak”. People ask why attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Why? This story has lain dormant in the recesses of my mind for a long time, so why not? It’s only a matter of discipline.

Here’s to my NaNoWriMo buddies Dave Farmer, Anne O’Connell and Sarsm whose impressive word count has spurred me on!

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  1. Maybe you should think of it this way… more red wine… more words!! Just don’t forget what Hemingway said once or maybe a thousand times… “write drunk, edit sober” πŸ˜‰


  2. Nanowrimo took off with a normal word count, plunged ahead when I spent a long weekend at the cabin, now is dwindling again. I plan on really focusing this weekend and have lost no enthusiasm, just had some long days and obligations. Good luck!

    PS – Traveling to France is better than finishing nanowrimo. If I had to choose between them, France wins every time.


  3. You never cease to amaze me. I admire you for joining in the nano. I’ve been tempted over the years to try it, but I’m not brave enough. I wish you the best. πŸ™‚


  4. Looking forward to reading the finished product. The rains have come at the right time no need to take time out to water the veggie patch and no temptation for drinks at the beach xx


    1. Te He πŸ™‚ the finished novel may end up a little raunchy to spice it up a bit. I’m at the crossroads as to which way the character develops. Apparently we missed the tournado yesterday so interesting to see when the rain stops if any damage to piglets plot


  5. OK and ‘sugar’ – I AM following two of you, one in the US and you in Europe! Almost unwillingly [I kid you not!] I have ‘written’ from age 14 1/2 [quite a story!] and never having fancied myself halfway able to write at all! I am not going to insult you by saying ‘you can do it’ – am certain that bit is all ‘worked out’! Hey, lady: every morning you wake up, you should know you have about 300% extra power!!!


  6. Proud of you, PiP! I always seem to weasel out of this challenge. Excuse # 462: I am SO busy in November! One of these years, I’m going to put everything else aside and go for it. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks Sarsm, I don’t often blow my own trumpet as the door in our house are too narrow. But I’m amazed I’ve got this far and the more Mr P gives me the opportunity to throw in the towel…I look tired or this or that…the more determined I’ve become. Happy writing this afternoon.


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