Azulejos are hand-painted tiles used to decorate properties in Portugal both internally and externally since the middle ages. They were introduced to by the Moors and originally decorated with geometric patterns in a single colour.


This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week’s theme is Geometry.

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  1. I love the blue tiles all over old buildings in Portugal. I also had 8 different tiles in our Perth house when we bough it, but they were just awful 70´s stuff, so they had to go!!


    1. Hi writingfeemail, yep I am, but in France at the moment and can’t update the meter from this laptop. Must apologise to everyone for lack of response to comments and not commenting on blogs this month.


  2. Would absolutely love to learn more: there are bits and pieces of so many cultures embroiled here . . . from where? . . . how differing the pattering? . . .the colouring: why????


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