How to Choose the Safest Sunscreen: Organic Gardening

The UV levels in Portugal can be really high and because I have very fair skin (Piglet pink) I regularly apply sunscreen, even in winter. You can imagine I was quite perturbed when I read this article so thought I would share with my readership!

By Leah Zerbe

Not all sunscreen is created equal—some varieties may even harm you or the environment.

Is the white-nosed look about to make a comeback? Over the years, the sunscreen industry has developed new chemicals to protect us from the ultraviolet rays that cause wrinkles, premature aging, and skin cancer—while sparing us all from looking like white-nosed lifeguards from the old days. Skin scientists took zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—the two traditional forms of sunscreen that used to leave a white coating on the skin—and shrank them down to a size barely larger than an atom, or 1/5,000th the thickness of a piece of paper. The problem is, the more sheer forms of sunscreen may not be protecting our health—or the environment—in the long run…

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How to Choose the Safest Sunscreen: Organic Gardening.

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  1. It´s scary what goes into all those products we put on our skin! No wonder the rate of cancers have shot up, as our skin is our biggest organ absorbing all that rubbish! In Australia the uv factor is also very high year round and it´s one of the countries with the highest level of skin cancer unfortunately. I´m not a fan of lying in the sun and frying, but still like to potter around in the garden, so I usually cover my arms and wear a big hat.


  2. The best protection from the sun is to stay out of it.
    I had an aunt who had the most wonderful skin with no wrinkles in sight..I asked her what her secret was and she said never get your face in the sun!


    1. I think your aunt was very wise. Friends used to laugh at me when I always wore hat, cream and sunglasses when we went out. Now the same friends, while tanned, are beginning to look older.


  3. Oh dear, looks like something else to worry about. I normally buy supermarket brand products. And like you Pip need sunscreen all the year round. The safest way to protect your skin is to stay indoors!! Until the boffins find a reason why that is not safe too.


    1. Hi MC, I was rather alarmed when I read this. Especially as I use so much of the stuff. I try and stay in the shade or keep out of direct sunlight between 11 and 4ish. What with GM crops and everything else I wonder what kind of world we live in.


  4. I burn no matter what level of sunscreen I paint on myself. I’ve always wanted to have a nice coppery look. Unfortunately, while some people tan I just stroke!


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