Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Can anyone name this flower? Yes, Fernanda has now identified the flower as “Lírio-das-areias”

A delicate wild flower growing in the sand at Praia da Zavial, Western Algarve
A delicate wild flower growing in the sand

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

How can something so beautiful and delicate grow in such barren land? What life-lesson could we learn from this simple flower? Is less more?

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  1. Hi Jaime,
    Great website! I have taken loads of pictures of flowers in the wild which I need to identify…looks like I’m going to be busy 🙂 Thank you!
    When you say “our flora-on list” is it your website?


    1. Hi Piglet, this was a project of several people…to put all data of our national flora on-line, now everyone can search about it, and it´s easy…Thank you for your interest, hope it´s helpful:)


  2. Your photo is lovely, PiP. It reminds me of the flowers I saw in northern Chile, “Desierto Florido.” In years that it gets enough rain to sprout them, one of the driest deserts in the world suddenly is a sea of flowers. Beauty from nothingness.


  3. It’s a Sand Lily, or sometimes known as a Sea Daffodil because of the way it’s six petals frame the middle of the flower, just like a daffodil; very pretty, and amazing that such a delicate looking flower can grow in such a barren place.
    I love what Jeanne said about it – “difficult struggles can develop real character and character creates true beauty!”
    How beautiful is that – and so true!


  4. Flowers aren’t my thing and i have no idea what it is, but like you I can only admire its ability to flourish in such harsh surroundings.


    1. That is so true Lindsay, until it comes to toilet paper…remember your post about using corn plants? Jsut poked my finger in my eye and tears are running down my cheek, so can’t look it up right now. What is the link?


  5. I don’t know what species it is but sure, I can name it for you. How about, Fred?
    Don’t mind me….it’s been a long week. I need a holiday. In Portugal maybe?


    1. OK, we will name the beautiful flower Fred…but come on, you should have at least called it Clarissa or Melanie…but Fred! How romantic is that? LOL 🙂
      Yep you def need a holiday in Portugal to find your inner peace 🙂


  6. I have no idea. It’s shape reminds me a little of an iris, or maybe I just have irises on my mind. You make an excellent and thought-provoking point about beauty in barrenness. We saw cacti blooming on a trip to California. That’s awesome, and reminds me of a Hispanic author who wrote about a cactus flower. If you’re interested let me know and I will look up her name when I get home.


    1. Hi Celia, yes please I would love the name of the Author. Cacti is another great example. Some of them are such ugly plants, but when they bloom….wow. People should have more cacti makeovers to make them bloom and feel good about themselves


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