Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

The theme for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Indulge”

Tarte aux FruitsTarte aux Fruits
Fruit tarte in France

Every time we go to France I love to indulge myself by looking in the windows of Pâtisseries. Their wonderful array of dainty pastries and sweets gives me “foodie” palpitations in anticipation. However, I rarely succumb to temptation as I am desperately trying to lose weight. I know, I know I should live dangerously and indulge! Instead I console myself by looking, dreaming and drooling!

On this occasion, Mr Piglet’s Birthday gave us a great excuse to sample a delightful fruit tarte. A special treat all round!

When my French son-in-law talks about French food it is with a deep-rooted passion and knowledge. From cheeses and bread to speciality sausages and cakes – I am amazed by his depth of knowledge! The French certainly love food and wine and the more time I spend in France the more I understand why!

If we ever lived in France I don’t know how I would manage to resist temptation. I mean, how do the majority of French women stay so slim surrounded by such tempting delicious food?

If anyone knows the correct name for the tarte featured in tha above picture I would love to know what it is called!

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  1. I could make that 24/7 and eat it too…I am working 12 hour days so I am on no as much but I love your blog and when I met you in the postaweek2011. ~Jackie Keep up the great blogging.


  2. Opps forgot to mention that the recipe in the link is in French, I can translate it if you need, but since you have a French son-in-law I’m assuming you maybe know a little French already???


  3. I also came in to tell you that this is called “Tarte aux fruits” (fruit tart) or also “Tarte aux fruits d’été” (Summer fruit tart) and to give you a link with recipes…

    I know, I know… Oh la la… terrible temptations aren’t they?

    I work with French women and have asked the question about how they manage to keep the weight off… unanimous answer: they don’t snack!

    In general, France has far less of a snacking culture so sticking to regular mealtimes is easier.

    They would have something like this for dessert, but it’s a definite treat and not every day, and they never eat between meals.

    Portion control is also something that they are amazed about.. well… usually lack of it in other countries.


  4. A weakness of mine too – we have pretty good ones here as well and I love them.

    I read an article once about how French women stay slim – the only thing I remember about it is they don’t eat much.


  5. Does look wonderful! I miss the pastries in Portugal – pastel nata (custard tarts), bolo feijao (haricot bean tarts) and many more. In Australia there is no such tradition of pattisseries.


  6. Hey Mum! It’s called a Tarte aux Fruits 🙂 It was rather yummy wasn’t it?

    French women and weight? When they’re not indulging they eat like sparrows. In fact, they eat like sparrows even when they are indulging!


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