101/1001 challenge

Although I love to set myself goals I must confess I’m the worlds worst at keeping my New Year’s Resolutions. However, when I spotted the 101/1001 challenge on Sarsm’s Blog I thought it sounded great fun especially as you have the support of other 101/1001 bloggers.

So what is 101/1001? You set yourself 101 tasks to be completed in 1001 days. Sounds easy? I think not, but I am going to at least try!

I started the challenge after much procrastination on the 18/10/2011. The list is not complete so have set this as one of my challenges!

101. Think of 101 challenges!

1. Improve my French Vocabulary: Learn 1001 words in 1001 days. (started 27/10/11)
2. Writing Circle: Locate and join a writing circle (Not easy considering where I live)
3. Read 5 books
4. Research children’s and age appropriate writing styles
5. Write a children’s book and illustrate
6. Write a poem or ditty
Health and Life Style
11. Anti-inflammatory diet: Embrace the diet initially for 101 days to assess health benefits and post to blog.(started 18/10/11)
12. Gluten and Dairy free recipes: Adapt and cook 101 different recipes and post to blog.(started 18/10/11)
13. Lose 20 lb in 101 days. (started 18/10/11)
14. Lose 10 lb in 101 days
15. Exercise: Aerobic style exercise 3 times a week for 1 hour plus for 101 days (Hopefully, this should be habit forming and once I see the results I will be keen to continue.(started 27/10/11)
16. Floor Exercise: 1001 sit-ups in 101 days (May not seem many but it’s probably more than I’ve done in my whole life to date)
17. Dance Classes: Locate and join a Zumba Class
18. Exercise DVDs: Complete 101 minimum 30 minute sessions
19. Zumba online: Find some beginners classes on You Tube
20. Research the uses and benefits of Aloe Vera
I have created a page to keep track of my progress which can be viewed at: My 101/1001 Challenge List

Come on why not join in the challenge?

35 thoughts on “101/1001 challenge

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  1. Hi PiP!

    I just found your blog (wandering around). I’ve subscribed. I’m looking forward to learning more about Portugal through your eyes.

    By the way, Zumba is not so hard to follow. The steps are repetitive. I have no dancing experience but I can follow (although sometimes rather clumsily) so I think you would have a blast.

    Talk soon,


  2. That is awesome PiP! Wow! I have to think about doing this also, but I
    m good at starting things, but not completing them. Good luck girl, I know you can do it.


    1. Hi FD,
      It’s amazing how the ideas start to flow once you start to write them down. I lost my original list so had to start again. AS you can see I’ve left quite a few spaces which I will fill in as time goes on. 1001 days is a long time!

      If shedding skin cells is something that inspires you and you can monitor it, why not!


  3. Brlliant idea and certainly a way to get all those “to do” jobs done. I may just take this one on board too.


    1. Excellent Ronnie! Don’t worry about not completing your list before you start! As you can see on the 101/1001 page I am only part way through mine. Pelase let me know when you start and I will add you to the 101/1001 I follow and support 🙂


  4. Great challenge you have set yourself here and I wish you all the very best.
    Loved you post on grandchildren, we had also despaired of having any and then, like buses, two came along together, well within three weeks of each other. We have two darling grandaughters and I am besotted.
    Good luck with the anti-inflammatory diet, it worked for me and I feel so much better
    Will call by again


    1. Hi Dee,

      Thanks for dropping by! Yes, grandchildren are such darlings…you can enjoy them then give them back! I’d licke to learn more about the anti inflam diet as researching on the net I am find experts contradict each other!


  5. Not touching this one with a barge pole! I have MORE than enough things to do in 1001 days without adding another 101 to that list – as much as I agree it sounds like fun!

    How about I have ONE thing on that list – FINISH MY BOOK!!!


  6. Congratulations PIP, what a challenge!! Very brave, I have to think about this, could be doable, but I´m not very good at keeping up with resolutions.
    I like the 41, LOL, to make my necklace board. Good luck and I will be following your progress.


  7. Way to go Pip. I’ll be cheering you on as you complete the task on your list. I admire you for taking on such an inspirational and fun self improvement program. You go girl! 🙂


  8. I have never heard of this. I just signed up for NaNoWriMo so once that is complete, I will give this soem thought. A great idea… good luck, I will be looking forward to your followup blogs.


  9. Another blogger friend just finished her first 101 in 1001 challenge. She completed 69 of her 101 challenges. It’s pretty inspirational, but I think I’m too lazy to come up with the list! Good luck!


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