Proud Grandparents “take” Two…

Our latest grandchild less than 24hrs old!
Our latest grandchild less than 24hrs old!

We’d given up on Grandchildren, and then they arrive like buses!

Our first Grandchild, a beautiful little girl, was born in France on the 28th April and our, second grandchild, an adorable little boy called Oliver, was born in the UK just two days ago weighing in at 8lb 14oz!
Initially, in the Special Care Baby Unit due to breathing problems I am relieved to say all is now well and he should be allowed home tomorrow (Saturday)
Last update he was not allowed home today as he has feeding problems…we await further news.

As I walked into the Special Care Baby Unit to meet Oliver for the first time and saw the ‘prems’ (premature babies) fighting for life and my little grandson (huge by comparison) wired up to a machine, memories long-buried, came flooding back to me as though it was yesterday. Our sons (twins) spent the first three weeks of their lives in Special Care due to various complications. Discharged from hospital without them it felt surreal.

We have not been able to cuddle the little chap as yet, but once he is settled in at home we will have lots of cuddles. Plus plenty of practice with our first grandchild means we, actually I should say “I”, am also pretty adept at changing pooey nappies!

Grandparents have their uses!

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50 thoughts on “Proud Grandparents “take” Two…

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    1. Boas-vindas. E Muita Obrigada! Eu nao falo Portuguese bem 😳 Eu pense Portuguese muito difficile!

      I like your wight loss blog by the way and I’m now following you on Twitter 🙂 It will be interesting to follow your progress!


    1. Hi CM, yes…thank goodness for modern medicine. Expecially, when you see how it gives all the premature babies at least a fighting chance. 🙂
      The ventilator certainly helped Oliver with his initial breathing problems


  1. Congratulations Grandma, what a handsome grandson you have. A real sweetie too.
    Welcome to the world Baby Oliver. I hope you get to come home soon and enjoy the many snuggles and loves waiting for you.
    Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Oliver. (((hugs)))


  2. Congratulations Piglet, it must be wonderful to be able to cuddle those tiny babies and give them special grandparents love. Congratulations to the proud parents too.


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