Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Are you taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge? This week’s theme is “Lines”

Telephone lines...
Telephone lines...

I was busy on my computer when I heard a loud “booming” noise coming from outside. The whole house started to vibrate and thinking it maybe an earthquake I rushed outside to investigate. I then noticed a man with a machine planting a wooden pole on the land next to our property. How can one man with one small machine create so much noise and earthshaking vibration?

BOOM, boom, BOOM!

What the hell is he doing?” I thought. “Why on earth is he planting a pole there?”. I pondered a moment just thankful he had not tried to plant it in the middle of our driveway access! You may think “No they wouldn’t do that”, trust me they would! When the house was built the Electricity Company planted their power cable pole so it obstructed access to our driveway. The builder took the course of least resistance and our drive now has a tricky angled kink in it. I curse them every time I reverse off the drive as it is a fairly skilled manoeuvre to miss the gate posts.

Anyway, I digress…A.D.D

So why was he planting the pole? Ah yes…I spotted another workman hanging from the telephone pole, opposite our house, casually smoking a cigarette.

Oh no” a wave of panic washed over me as it dawned on me “They are adding another telephone line” and “Pooh, I’m going to lose my internet while they connect it!”

It then struck me that this simple wire, strung between randomly planted wooden poles, was actually our “life line” connecting us not only to a world-wide web for information but also to our friends and family across the world via VOIP, webcams and emails.

The internet rules my day, my life and my existence could I manage without it – could you?

(OK telephone line and life line is rather an “off the wall interpretation” but I was becoming desperate)

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  1. Oh! You were in the middle of leaving a comment on my blog when this happened… 🙂 I’m glad to read the rest of it, see the photo and final outcome. Awesome job! I love the power of the internet!
    Finally catching up after my busy time with my college bound teens.
    Happy Easter!


  2. If I was living alone and the internet vanished I think I could cope. But living in an internet dependant household the moment the connection drops all hell breaks lose! The kids start wailing about Facebook or XBox and how “this is always happening, it sucks!”



  3. It is kind of funny how dependent we have become on this little thing called the internet. You should see the internet towere we had place on our property so we could have the better service.


    1. Hi Granny,
      they were installing a line for our neighbour at the back. They did not touch my pole and line….think they noticed me on guard and with camera ready!
      I must admit I become pretty agitated when I lose connection!


  4. PiP, this is another one of your wonderful posts. I love the picture, and, as always, your creativity and story-telling skills. I believe I must sign up for the weekly photo challenge. You have managed to inspire me over these past couple of months. Thanks, as always.


    1. Hi Ellen,
      I originally took the photo as I found it amusing the guy was puffing away at a cigarette. the idea to use this photo came to me in the middle of the night!
      Do join in the photo challenge – I think next weeks theme is “one” You take some great photos, so it will be interesting to see your interpretation:)


  5. lol You know it’s interesting how the ‘utility’ companies still have so much say-so in our modern times. I guess that’s one of the main things that most every country has in common. You’d think in this day & age, they would be more considerate of their customers and ask for some input before putting a pole. That’s a bummer about your driveway! 😦

    I would miss my blogging friends dreadfully, but I would manage without the internet, not happily, but manage I would. 😉


  6. The internet rules my day, my life and my existence could I manage without it – could you?- I would be lost without it-but, I guess I would survive !!!!! 🙂


  7. Being without the internet would take some getting used to at this point ~ I bank on line, pay bills on line, e-mail friends, blog, get action alerts from environmental groups, etc.

    I could do without the phone, the TV, and the microwave more easily than letting go of my internet connection.


  8. Hahaa, that reminds me of the time in the village when there was a power cut every time it rained, the excuses they gave us were brilliant. One guy said it was water in the underground cables, another mentioned something about ploughing and they weren’t able to access the cables, yet another said it was overhead cables… We used to laugh, every excuse was different but the electricity failed EVERY time it rained. Thanks for reminding me with this great post, those were good days. M


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