Versatile Blogger Award…

The Versatile Blogger Award
A big thank you to the following bloggers who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am both honoured and humbled…Thank you!
Love Versus Goliath
Mirth and Motivation
Life’s a Beach
Jeanne’s Blog

I’ve been asked to share 7 random facts about myself…they are very random…!

1. I used to play and teach the classical guitar until I injured my hand. I wept when I finally sold my concert guitar and this chapter of my life closed.

2. I am fascinated by insects and flowers and love to photograph them.

3. I respect people who have the courage to stand by their opinions or beliefs.

4. I enjoy beach fishing, but do not have the opportunity to go that often as none of my friends share the same interest.

5. I believe God only helps those who help themselves.

6. I am absolutely terrified of dogs. I mean terrified!

7. I love the challenge of growing my own fruit and vegetables.

I now pass on this award to the following bloggers. They are all great, but in different ways. My list would have been longer, however, several bloggers I was going to nominate have already received the Award. I apologise in advance if I’ve missed anyone from my list – it was not intentional!

Enjoy Creating (So many useful tips and a good Blogging buddy)

The Redneck Princess Her sense of humour makes me laugh!

Granny1947Granny tells it as it is!

Hortophile A no-nonsense gardening blog

Natural Redhead’s Photo Blog

Seashells by the seashore A great blog about the ups and downs of daily life.

Word Angel A talented writer, artist and grandmother.

Noobcake Great blog with lots of useful info!

MadWomanDancing A great blog with an unusual title!

The Running Garlic A gardening blog and more!

Dieta Suave A health and recipe blog in Portuguese

Panamajama Everyday life in Panama

I hope you enjoy reading all the above blogs as I do!


28 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award…

  1. You got it five times? LOL Congratulations! At least I know I’m not the only one who thinks you deserve it!


  2. I sooo agree with that statement. I love your blogs PiP, so interesting and an insight to where you live. Brilliant! M


  3. Congratulations PiP – you deserve this award so much; your blog is so interesting and varied, and I think we all love hearing about what life is like living in Portugal!


  4. Pip
    You have a great blog and the “versatile blogger award” is truly deserved-love your posts- the creativity and your wisdom. Thank you for the plug-in for Life’s a Beach Journal. I love writing the humor side, as well as reality. It’s all in making conversation feedback and forming friendships from all parts of the world, for sharing our stories-and seeing some humor on this road of life, we are all traveling. 🙂


  5. Enjoyed your list and love your blog, PiP! Sorry your hand injury caused you to sell your guitar. That must have been hard. 😦


  6. Congratulations PIP….I love your blogs.
    As i said on my post….I have already received this award but I thank you very much…I don’t think one can do it twice.
    I also love to fish on the beach but have not done it for many years…I can’t cast!!!!


  7. Number one is really sad.


  8. Congratulations PiP! Thank you for the nomination and the shout out.

    I went beach fishing once. I caught a six pack of beer! Well, it had one missing and the plastic thing is what caught on my hook. The guy I was dating at the time opened a can and drank it! Yuck!


  9. ~Runs in and gives Pip a huge hug of gratitude~ Thank you Pip. You’ve given me a most special surprise and a wonderful gift of friendship. This means the world to me. Thank you my friend. I wish you a wonderful week of smiles and happiness!!! 🙂 (((hugs)))


  10. Country Living

    Congradulations! Your blog is very good and deserves the award! If I never go to Portugal, I feel I’ve already been through your blog!


    • Hi CL
      Thanks for your kind words. Portugal is a lovely place and I enjoy writing about the ups and downs of everyday life.
      I hope you have now put those overalls to good use now and they are not so clean LOL 🙂


  11. Congrats PiP! Well deserved! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, it’s lively and informative and jolly! Big cheer to you!


  12. You go girl… you inspire us. 🙂


  13. Thank you PiP,
    I have fallen terribly behind in responding to my blog comments and doing a marathon now to catch up… Don’t know how I missed this… you have a great blog and I’m glad you enjoyed sharing your well deserved award! 🙂


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