What makes a perfect Sunday?

What makes a “Perfect Sunday” when every day is the same?

“Sundowner” overlooking the ocean
“Sundowner” overlooking the ocean

When you retire early – days, weeks and months are only punctuated by special events and highlights as one day merges with the next. Early retirement in the sun may seem idyllic but in reality you no longer have the anticipation of the Monday morning blues, POETS day and traffic jams. The challenges of dog-eat-dog office politics and petty feuds as to whether the window remains open or closed is a distant memory. Do I miss the excitement of hitting targets or the cut and thrust of a sales environment…no. If I’m brutally honest with myself, and put this insane nostalgia aside, do I really miss any of these things? Absolutely not!

Today, in Portugal we’ve had (at last) a day without rain. Threatening rain clouds came and went but fortunately passed us by.

A day without rain
A day without rain

A perfect day is taking a walk along the cliff tops or the beach with my camera; going for a swim; lunch with friends; pottering in the garden; planting seeds; going to a market to find more books and bargains; taking the time to cook something special and best of all having a “sundowner” overlooking the ocean as the sun sets over the horizon.

However, if I could close my eyes and make a wish to create the “Perfect Sunday” it would definitely be to “teleport” all our family together in one place for a family Sunday. I will certainly be closing my eyes and “wishing” even more once our grandchildren are born so we are there as they grow up.

What do you wish for?

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  1. Hi Piglet,

    What a great post today. First time I’ve come across your site. I love the beautiful sunset picture! And the idea of no regrets with retirement. If I had the option, I think I’d enjoy putting aside the “insane nostalgia” of the workworld that comes when you retire too.

    Perfect Sunday – extended family all together, no-one missing, no negativity, lots of acceptance and love, laughter and joy!


  2. Hello.What a beautiful place!
    If I have a perfect sunday, I will grow many vegetables
    and rice as much as my family can eat.
    Besides I will read many kinds of books in my small garden.


  3. Hi PiP. I’m a little late reading this, as the perfect part of my Sunday was spent taking a long walk on the beach. Your Sunday sounds perfect. I’m all for that transporter thing!


    1. Hi Seashell,
      The smell of the sea and the rhythm of the waves soothes the soul and restores calm 🙂
      When I have my transporter up and running I will add you to the list! Seems like Mr Piglet has got himself a new project 🙂 to keep him busy 🙂


  4. What do I wish for? You life!

    Your Sunday looks spectacular!

    Although, I have to admit, mine was very pleasant too! Especially when the sun came out for the first time in a month!


  5. Beautiful sentiments and beautiful photos. I hope you and your family have many happy gatherings and times of play with the grandchildren as they grow up. It’s sad when distance and time separate families. We have much the same problem in that area, But, like you, we treasure times together and wish for more of them. 🙂


  6. I wouldn’t change a thing from what I have right now…life is as it should be for me and mine, for that I am eternally grateful every single day 🙂

    And lovely pictures my friend…makes me want to come there even more 🙂


  7. Being retired myself, one day gets to be pretty much the same, but I wouldn’t change it for the discipline of going out to work again. Nowadays, I can do what I want, when I want, and if I want!
    To make my perfect Sunday would be to have what I have now – but with my kids and grandkids all together at the same time.


    1. Hi Barb,
      I would not swap it either. I am just sitting here wondering if my friends are going to turn up for our walk….it is now raining (payback for not raining yesterday) but hey there is no pressure we can always walk later. No one is clocking us in or out. As a manic clock watcher it took me ages to destress over time.
      Your perfect Sunday is very much in line with my own 🙂


  8. Hi Piglet,

    I know that there are hours difference between our time zones so I’m guessing that you’re reading this some time after midnight for you. But please do re-read my post today. I did things out of order from the norm and got caught. Normally I read all of my comments then post. Today I read Rose’s pingback – then post – and it inspired me to write.

    I hit “publish” by accident and figured, no harm. But when I next read your post here, I realized we were all in sync and made a quick adjustment. It wouldn’t be a post on “family” without you Piglet. Please forgive an old man for clicking the mouse too quickly.

    When you get that teleporter, we’ll fix it properly. Then we can all meet face-to-face for that special Sunday. As long as we’re all together, I’d dare say even my KD & hot dogs would do the trick. 😉

    Thanks Piglet. You’re a wonderful friend.

    – Papa Joe


    1. Hey Papa Joe,
      I think it’s amazing we were all thinking of our families and wrote about a Perfect Sunday at the same time…but in different time zones. I was still up at midnight, but its 8.30am as I read your kind amendment
      With two grandchildren on the way it was a difficult post to write as we use to go to my husbands mother when our children were small for Sunday Tea.
      Unfortunately, she died when they were still very young and barely old eough to remember her.
      I wish she could have seen her grandchildren grow up she would have been very proud of them. But hey! Life is full of regrets and if I ever get that teleporter/time machine it’s going to be very busy!
      thanks Papa Joe…you are a great buddy! 🙂
      and BTW your priceless response on https://pigletinportugal.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/a-turkish-experience-in-france/ bought you a 1000 blogging pardons LOL 🙂


  9. Your two PICS make it abundantly clear that the hustle bustle of the metropolitan city in nowhere in sight!

    I like that. You don’t need too many words, when you post PICS like that of an ideal Sunday, and and Monday, and Tuesday, etc.

    Could be too much of a good thing! Take care, Charlie (in Forsyth, GA)


    1. Hi Charlie,
      Pictures save a 1000 words 🙂 Our kids bought be this for Christmas 2009 and it goes everywhere with me.

      The grass always seems ‘greener’ when we look back and of course absence makes the heart grow fonder! 🙂
      PS where is GA?

      PiP 🙂


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