New Year’s Resolutions old and new

Every year we make New Year’s Resolutions, but why?

How many of these “resolutions” do we actually achieve?

I am pleased to say that last year one of my resolutions was to start a blog about life in Portugal. It was quite a challenge for a “technomuppet” such as me, especially as six months before this resolution I was not even aware of the blogosphere scene. It took me five months to pluck up courage and when someone introduced me to WordPress, as it was relatively user friendly, “PigletinPortugal” was born.

Another 2010 New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight – my target weight loss was 20kg. A little optimistic bearing in mind I love eating, but I did lose 2.5kg.
So my resolutions for 2011 are: – Sod the diet and enjoy life, wine and food.
– Exercise more (5 times per week) so I can enjoy the above without feeling guilty.
– Enrol in a decent creative writing course.
– Participate in the WordPress PostAWeek challenge.
– Learn one Portuguese word a day to increase my very basic vocabulary and concentrate on future and past verb tenses.
– Learn one French word a day focusing initially on family, food, directions and home. I can then at least grunt out a word or two and not look a complete nerd to surprise our daughter, who lives in France.
– Build a raised vegetable garden and grow more vegetables and herbs.
– Research and cook one new recipe each week; photograph the results, both successes and failures, and post to my blog.
– Start drawing and painting again. Maybe even have a go at drawing some basic cartoons.
– Visit Tomar, Ria Formosa, Evora and Tavira.
– Finally – buy a GPS gismo so we can go geocaching.

What resolutions did you make and achieve in 2010 and what resolutions have you made for 2011?

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  1. Hi Piglet!
    Last year I resolved to add self-discipline to my daily vocabulary and actions. I don’t need to lose weight, but certainly need to clear a path into my office, walk the pooches more often during the day, and carry my camera everywhere. Hmm…didn’t exactly fail last year, yet could have done better. Thus, another hearty resolve to stop procrastinating and embrace discipline! I think that means I have to stop reading your blog and looking at your photos right now. Must go embrace discipline! (cough, ack, ptooie)
    Jan in Alaska (where we eat tofu)


    1. “procrastinating” an excellent word! I make a list everyday of things I need to do, but at midnight I am usually rushing to complete the list as I have “fiddled” all day long. I have the attention span of a gnat!
      Love your blog by the way. Your photo taken with the Lensbaby is amazing. What fun you must have with that little gizmo!
      We went to Alaska – what a lovely country!


  2. Hi Piglet. Thought I’d stop by to check out your blog since you were good enough to comment on mine. You’ve obviously become very proficient in this world and I admire your work.

    Congratulations on your badges too. I’m very impressed.

    Take care and thanks for commenting on my little blog.

    – Papa Joe(Jim)


    1. Hi Papa Jo,

      Thanks for your kind comments. It’s just practice and the WordPress forum offers great advice if you you get stuck. You will master it in no time and the moment you do – they will bring out another feature for you to master 🙂 Keep at it…
      Kind regards


  3. I still haven’t decided on my resolutions yet… maybe my resolution should be to stop procrastinating!
    But in truth, I’m going for something less specific yet more difficult this year: finding balance in my life. Easier said than done!


  4. I hit most of my resolutions in 2010 – of about the same number I was around 90%. I started off the year even hitting the weight issue, but slipped that during the time I got married and eating real food instead of the life of a bachelor kept sinking it.


    1. Hi Ray,
      Interesting to see how many people make “losing weight” a New Yrs Resolution. It seems to be in the top 3 according to a Google search I conducted earlier. I love the way one website called it “Tame the Bulge”

      Sill, a way to a man’s heart is to his stomach as they say – shame about the relapse on the diet 🙂 There’s always 2011
      We will see what 2011 brings.
      Definitately going to be a bit of a challenge re the daily/weekly post as most of mine will require research and translating info from Portuguese to English. Still it’s an interesting challenge!
      Bom Ano Novo!



  5. What resolutions did you make and achieve in 2010 and what resolutions have you made for 2011?
    to lose weight: I lost all the success of 3 months weight watching by eating on Xmas a goose and on New Year a hare …
    2010: I played guitar in a pub; now that pub was closed.
    2011: I will write again, thanks wordpress!


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