Tourists terrorize the locals – Vuvuzelas find new use!

One of the downsides of living close to the beautiful beaches of the Western Algarve is the Tourist Season or as we have aptly named it “The Terrorist Season” Portuguese, Spanish, French and a handful of British Tourists descend on this normally quiet and as yet unspoilt area from mid July to the end of August.

It’s great for the local economy, please don’t get me wrong – but some tourists are so inconsiderate and completely oblivious to others, it’s absolutely unbelievable. Perhaps it’s just my Victor Meldrew streak surfacing.

As I write this entry for my blog there is music blaring at full blast from the villa behind us “What a feeling” Yes, what a feeling – I feel ready to scream!!. It’s 33C plus so I am reluctant to shut the windows. The choice is ‘roast’ piglet or be subjected to the loud music. Either way, I am becoming tetchy and ready to scream out of the window “Turn the B music up I can’t quite hear it

Hmmm that’s definitely a Victor moment!

This is during the day. At night, we have a different kind of nuisance. Teenagers are screaming and shouting until 2-3am in the morning and again playing loud music. We lay in bed exhausted, trying to get some sleep but we hover on edge of sanity; every fiber of our being tense in anticipation as to what will happen next.

Silence, at last, pheww they have gone to bed. ScreechCrash – Bang – BANG – Scream! How long do we have to endure this continual assault on our ear drums? My nerves are in shreds and the ‘terrors’ have only been here 4 days. Eventually, just before dawn there is silence. Time to catch up on some beauty sleep!

We are relatively early risers and usually surface at around 7am. At the moment, the only time we seem to get any respite from the noise is from 7am until around 11am. Then they (the tourists in villa behind) turn the music on full blast to accompany their breakfast. The villa opposite where the “screechers” are holidaying, do not surface until 12ish. I am hatching a plan already!.

Do you think we could be forgiven for purchasing a couple of Vuvuzelas to create our own “peace offering” in this window of opportunity?

I wonder…

What would you do?


4 thoughts on “Tourists terrorize the locals – Vuvuzelas find new use!

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  1. I’ve got some blu-tac I could send to plug your ears. How I wish some science boffins would finally invent that white noise or anti-noise machine to cancel out unwanted sounds!


  2. Hi,

    We are lucky in that the ‘terrors’ have now left and shall we say by comparison it’s relatively tranquil (at the moment) LOL. Today, all I could hear were children playing and squealing with delight as they played in the pool. They were having such a great time it was good to hear their laughter.

    Such a contrast to last week!

    I wonder what sounds the “Orchestra” of life brings forth next week!



  3. I don’t think I could live somewhere full of tourists whilst I was working – would drive me mad…

    Why don’t you wake up early in the morning and get your own back by making some noise whilst they’re having a lay in? It’s not nice that people are inconsiderate so a taste of their own medicine may serve as a reminder that other people’s noise is unpleasant. That, or you could politely remind them that not everyone is on holiday? Sometimes people just forget and get carried away in the moment.


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